“The emergency room is collapsing, the management is inert”: state of agitation proclaimed at the ASL Napoli 1


“The emergency room is collapsing, the management is inert”: state of agitation proclaimed at the ASL Napoli 1


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The medical, health, veterinary and health professions managers of the ASL Napoli 1 declared a state of agitation , in response to the refusal of the company management to meet the unions to discuss the interventions to be implemented ” for the maintenance of the company emergency rooms , now close to collapse after years of progressive depletion of human resources and substantial inertia of the General Management in dealing with and resolving the crisis .” This can be read in a note, issued after the meeting held today, 6 February, signed by the representatives of ANAAO ASSOMED, CIMO-FESMED-ANPO, AAROI EMAC, CGIL FP Doctors and Healthcare Managers, FVM, CISL Federation of Doctors and UIL FPL Medici, sent to the leaders of the ASL Napoli 1 Centro, to the Prefect of Naples and to the information bodies.

The document reads:

Except for a few sporadic interventions which ultimately worsened the problem, the general manager decided to ignore the union's proposals and meeting requests on the subject, limiting himself to making incomprehensible refusals to our requests to try to at least give fair and proper recognition economical for the few remaining operators, now reduced to the limit. Furthermore, although the Regulation for the Graduation of Managerial Positions was adopted in July 2023, it is not yet applied, despite the fact that many managers have for years acquired the right to the assignment of professional positions, provided for by the CCNL, of high specialization and very high professionalism. Even the performance pay for the year 2022 has not yet been paid. All this causes unfair economic and professional growth damage. We therefore require the immediate assignment of the Professional Assignments as indicated in the Regulations and, should there be further impediments, the identification of the Medical Directors of the Unit as responsible for completing the procedures.

The decision to declare a state of unrest, the unions continue, was also taken because the ASL Napoli 1 had “constantly” failed in its duties of information and discussion. The note continues to read:

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to date the Supplementary Negotiation is effectively suspended, after having started with a notable and unjustified delay, while the data, requested for years now, on the size of the workforce in the various departments and on any residuals for each fund with the analytical use of resources for each fund (position, result, inconvenience) with the related amounts paid, were never provided.


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