Houthis Drop New Music Video Featuring Rebels Dancing on Deck of Seized Cargo Ship

Rexa Ginux

Houthis Drop New Music Video Featuring Rebels Dancing on Deck of Seized Cargo Ship

The Houthi rebels behind the recent attacks on ships in the Red Sea have released a new music video, featuring men singing and dancing on top of the cargo ship the Iran-backed militant group hijacked in November.

Wearing traditional Yemeni outfits, the men can be heard singing about how Israel will be defeated in its war with Hamas, according to an English translation of the video.

The men sing, “My people are waiting for the Zionists.”

“Quds (Jerusalem) will be liberated and its glory will be restored,” they sing, dancing to the beat of drums.

“Tell the Zionists to stop and not to brag. Their strength will definitely be defeated.”

The song arrives amid heightened tensions between the Houthis and the United States, who have traded fire in the backdrop of the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

In a show of solidarity with Hamas and in defiance of U.S. warnings about exacerbating conflict in the Middle East, the rebel group has waged assaults on ships en route to Israel.

The lyrics in the music video’s song say “our sea is red death,” as the men vow to continue the sea campaign that’s wreaked havoc on global shipping.

In November, the Houthis hijacked the Bahamas-flagged Galaxy Leader, a hulking, 620-foot cargo ship partially owned by an Israel shipping magnate, as the vessel transited the Red Sea.

Galaxy Maritime said at the time it had lost all communication with the ship and its 25 international crew members soon after the Houthis descended upon the ship in a stunningly well-coordinated invasion via helicopter.

In the months since, the ship has served as a floating club and source of Yemeni nationalism, with curious tourists and social media influencers shuttled out to the anchor vessel by the boatload.

The music video is only the latest in a series of similar productions.

In December, the Houthis dropped another titled “Axis of Jihad,” which was also filmed on board the stolen ship.

The Houthis have also launched attacks targeting the U.S. military, including last week when the militants directly attacked a U.S. Navy destroyer and a commercial tanker.

A series of U.S.-led air strikes launched earlier this month against Houthi installations in Yemen damaged missile launch sites and storage depots, but have done little to dissuade their attacks.


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