Harry Styles and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig attend Luton Town’s game against Manchester United

Aprilia Rine

Harry Styles and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig attend Luton Town’s game against Manchester United
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Harry Styles has spent his Sunday afternoon in the stands at Luton Town’s Kenilworth Road watching them take on Manchester United alongside Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig.

The two singers appear to have been in attendance at the invitation of Rob Stringer, who is the chairman of Sony Music Group and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, as well as being one of the directors of Luton Town FC.

Both Styles and Vampire Weekend are signed to Columbia Records, which in turn is owned by Sonic Music Entertainment.


The Premier League match saw Luton fall behind to two early Manchester United goals, before Luton’s Carlton Morris scored to get the game back to 2-1. United did manage to hold on in the second half, winning the game 2-1. Ahead of kickoff, Styles also took the time out to pose with the Sky Sports presenters and pundits, including Jamie Redknapp and Gary Neville.

This week, Vampire Weekend announced a huge 2024 North American tour, to support their upcoming fifth album ‘Only God Was Above Us’, which is out on April 5. They’ve also shared two tracks from the record – ‘Capricorn’ and ‘Gen-X Cops’.

In other Styles news, it was recently revealed that he had been in consideration to play a key role in the new Mean Girls film.

The film’s co-director Samantha Jayne said: Jayne explained: “There’s certain comedy that flew and was funny 20 years ago, that just doesn’t fly today. We all knew that. But there are certain iconic lines where we would joke that there would be riots in the streets if it wasn’t in there. Like ‘You go, Glen Coco!’ Give the people what they want. Give me what I want! But when we were like, ‘Who’s Glen Coco?’”


The film’s other director Arturo Perez Jr. then explained: “Who can it be? I remember us going, could we ask, like Harry Styles?”

Jayne continued: “We were like Harry Styles could be Glen Coco!”


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