War in the Middle East, Israeli ambassador to Italy: "Shameful to use Sanremo to spread hatred"


War in the Middle East, Israeli ambassador to Italy: "Shameful to use Sanremo to spread hatred"

“I consider it shameful that the stage of the Sanremo Festival was exploited to spread hatred and provocations in a superficial and irresponsible way. In the massacre of 7 October, among the 1200 victims, there were over 360 young people murdered and raped during the Nova Music Festival Another 40 of them were kidnapped and are still in the hands of terrorists”: the Israeli ambassador to Italy Alon Bar wrote this on X. “The Sanremo Festival could have expressed solidarity with them. It's a shame that this didn't happen.” Last night Ghali declared on stage during the final: “Stop the genocide”.

“I read with sadness the intervention on social media by the Israeli ambassador to Italy, Alon Bar, who rightly deprecates some statements made at the Sanremo festival, which according to him served 'to spread hatred and provocations in a superficial and irresponsible way'. L 'ambassador – ha declared Maurizio Gasparri, senator of Forza Italia and member of the Rai Supervisory Commission – recalls that 'in the massacre of 7 October among the 1200 victims there were over 360 young people murdered and raped during a musical event'. Rai has missed another opportunity. I hope that the company's top management apologizes to the Israeli authorities and implements remedial measures, taking into account the correct protests of the Israeli ambassador. Rai cannot live outside of reality. I renew my solidarity with Ambassador Bar and the people of Israel who on 7 October suffered an aggression comparable to the persecutions of the Shoah”.  

Ghali's reply. “I have always talked about these issues since I was a child. Not since October 7th.” Ghali responds thus to the Israeli ambassador to Italy Alon Bar. “I'm sorry that he responded in this way, there were many things to say. But what else should I have used this stage for? I am a musician before getting on this stage : I've always talked about this since I was a child.” “I've been talking about what's happening in my songs since I was 13-14 years old. I was born thanks to the internet and I haven't been talking about it since October 7th, this This has been going on for a while.” The artist then commented: ” The fact that the ambassador speaks like this is not good , the policy of terror continues, people are afraid to say stop the war, stop the genocide, we are living in a moment in which people feel that they lose something if they say long live peace. There are children in the middle: those children who are dying, who knows how many stars, how many doctors, teachers, how many geniuses, there are in the middle.”

“'Stop the genocide'” from Ghali courage and truth. Thank you”, Nicola Fratoianni wrote in X, national secretary of the Italian Left and parliamentarian of Avs.

“If music and the festival, due to their relevance, are the space for the freedom to express thoughts of love, pain, joy, social denunciations and political protests, it is sorry that this stage was not the opportunity to launch equally, an appeal for the release of the hostages in the hands of Hamas, leaving the legitimacy of distortion to unilateralism, with the use of terms that once again offend the history of our country and of Europe as a whole”. Thus to ANSA, the president of the Italian Jewish Communities, Noemi Di Segni, on the pro-Palestine messages of some singers from the Sanremo stage. “The winner Angelina, together with the winners of other countries and Israel, will be at Eurovision: I hope that at least there no episode of distortion and boycott occurs. From here to Eurovision I appeal to remember the 136 hostages every day, even they have the right to their music and to return to their home”, adds Di Segni.

Rai CEO Sergio, “solidarity with the people of Israel”. “I experienced together with Ambassador Bar and President Di Segni the events that Rai dedicated to the memory of the Shoah in the last week of January. And every day our news and our programs tell – and will continue to do so – the tragedy of the hostages in the hands of Hamas, as well as remembering the massacre of children, women and men on October 7. My solidarity with the people of Israel and the Jewish community is heartfelt and convinced.”

Thanks to Ghali for the words spoken on the Sanremo stage came from the demonstration in solidarity with Palestine organized in front of the Central station in Milan, the nineteenth event since 7 October in the city. “We applaud Ghali for his position in favor of the Palestinians – the president of the Palestinian association of Italy Mohammad Hannoun said from the stage – and for his clear words against extermination”.

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