GOT7’s BamBam recalls fight with Mark Tuan: “He threw his MacBook at me”

Aprilia Rine

GOT7’s BamBam recalls fight with Mark Tuan: “He threw his MacBook at me”

GOT7‘s BamBam recently opened up about a fight he had with bandmate Mark Tuan which resulted in a MacBook being thrown at him.

Mark Tuan recently made a guest appearance on his GOT7 bandmate’s online talk show, Bam House. During their time on the programme, the K-pop idols reminisced about the group’s early days and one incident where Tuan ended up throwing a MacBook at BamBam.

During the episode, BamBam explained that he and Mark had “fought a lot” during the early days of their career. “Whenever Mark and I fought, there were a lot of things that made me think, ‘Wow, he must be better off than I think’,” he said.


“You know the old MacBooks are valuable right? From the 2010s? He got angry and threw his MacBook at me,” BamBam added. “At the time, I was angry too. But thinking back on it later, I realised, ‘Wow, he threw a MacBook’.”

The Thai K-pop idol then explained that the incident occurred back when he had “didn’t understand English properly” but had overheard Mark and BtoB‘s Peniel mention his name from another room. “I thought they were talking [about me] behind my back,” he explained.

“When Mark came inside, I said something to him. Something weird,” BamBam continued. “That pissed him off, and he said, ‘We didn’t say anything. We weren’t talking behind your back’. Then he threw his MacBook at me’.”

Mark Tuan then spoke about the circumstances behind the incident, saying that he and Peniel were “talking about where to get food” for a meal. “I just said, ‘Let’s go eat’, or whatever, but BamBam said to me, ‘Stop talking shit about me’,” he recalled with a laugh.

BamBam then spoke about his own reaction to the situation, saying that Mark and Peniel are “similar in age, so they had fun hanging out with each other”. He added: “I could tell they sometimes let me join in reluctantly. So I thought they were saying something like, ‘BamBam’s so annoying now’.”


In other news, BamBam previously opened up about the future of GOT7 and what fans can expect from the group in the coming years. “We’ve prepared certain things as well. But first, we’ll all have to wait for the discharge of the members from the military,” he teased.


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