The students return to the streets against the batons


The students return to the streets against the batons

'Against bombs and truncheons'. A week after the Pisa protests, students from all over Italy returned to the streets to demonstrate solidarity and closeness to the Palestinian people. This time, however, the voices of the boys and girls also chanted chants and slogans against what happened last Friday in the Tuscan capital.

At the same time, however, Fratelli d'Italia supported the initiative of closeness to police officers by visiting some police stations in the country. “The attacks suffered by our women and men in uniform are unacceptable”, the words of the Piedmontese regional councilor, Elena Chiorino, who took part in the Biella delegation led by the undersecretary of Justice, Andrea Delmastro. The spotlight of the protest was, obviously, all turned towards Pisa, where thousands took to the streets to ask for a 'ceasefire' in Gaza waving peace and Palestinian flags. Despite the tense atmosphere on the eve, the procession ended without any problems, as happened in all the other squares in Italy.

Some exponents of the Democratic Party and the left took part in the demonstration, punctuated by continuous slogans against “fascist and terrorist Israel”, including the president of the province, the dem Massimiliano Angori. In Florence, however, a few hundred students gathered in front of the US consulate before leaving in a procession through the streets of the city. On a long banner the appeal to “stop the genocide in Gaza” and for a “ceasefire”. The number of demonstrators then increased to around a thousand people and the procession headed along the riverside. The beatings in Pisa, stigmatized by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella himself, therefore did not discourage the protest. Demonstrations, in fact, were organized from North to South. In Rome, students displayed a photo of Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni smeared with handprints painted red, signifying the “blood of the Palestinians”. With the sound of bombs ringing in the speakers, the procession crossed the streets of the capital, also chanting slogans against Segre and the prime minister, to end in front of La Sapienza university where the students chanted 'Bella Ciao'. 1,500 of them, however, gathered in Milan for the twenty-first pro-Palestine march under the slogan “Let's stop the genocide, let's save Gaza”. Before leaving, the demonstrators gathered in a minute of silence to commemorate the dead of the “flour massacre”, which saw “150 killed and more than a thousand injured” only because “they wanted to recover something to feed their children “. There was no shortage of slogans against Meloni and Biden here too. And while the students paraded through the streets and squares, members of the Brothers of Italy instead visited the police stations as a sign of solidarity with the police officers, victims of threats and insults following the charges in Pisa. Only yesterday a director of the Digos of Bologna was hit by red paint thrown by the student collective demonstration. And also some militants of the Brothers of Italy, among other things, were attacked in the morning in Turin by antagonists from the social centers while leafleting was in progress. From Rieti to Catanzaro, from Biella to Cagliari, the delegations of Giorgia Meloni's party shook hands with the police. “They – they say – are our security garrison, which is why we will always fight to protect them”.

To know more ANSA Agency Pro-Palestine demonstration in Milan, 'Cenati shame' – News – “We must thank the Milanese president of the ANPI Roberto Cenati for resigning for not having accepted the word genocide. Shame”. The pro-Palestine activists who took to the streets this Saturday too shouted it through a megaphone. (HANDLE)

Clashes in Pisa, 7 self-identified agents

There are six or seven names of policemen who self-identified as being on duty in the square on February 23 in Pisa, thus informing the prosecutor's office who is investigating the police charges at the pro-Palestine student march that day. This was learned on the fringes of the Pisa investigation and furthermore, again according to what emerges, the delegation to the flying squad could be assigned as early as Monday to start questioning the first witnesses and other people informed about the facts. Among these, it is conceivable that the officers who facilitated their identification with this gesture will also be interviewed, seven in fact, a lower number than those present on the street to ensure public order. The seven names are already on the table of the judicial authorities thanks to their initiative. For the others, investigators must trace them through service reports and images. The videos show around twenty officers in uniform and civilian clothes in the charge who have contact with the demonstrators, not only for the use of truncheons but also during the arrest phase for the identification of some students. Among the other witnesses who may be heard would be teachers from the Russoli art school, the protesters themselves and other citizens who were on site and could give their contribution. It could reach dozens of people but there is also a screening of the most useful stories compared to others. The investigation file into the behavior of the police is in fact still open without suspects.

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