Giovanni Allevi: 'No longer being able to count on my body I play with my soul'


Giovanni Allevi: 'No longer being able to count on my body I play with my soul'

Tears and emotion at the Ariston with Giovanni Allevi who brings his music and his illness to the stage. “Suddenly everything collapsed for me. I haven't played the piano in front of an audience for almost two years.
In my last concert, at the Konzerthaus in Vienna, the pain in my back was so bad that during the final applause I couldn't get up from the stool. And I didn't know I was sick yet. Then came the diagnosis, which was very difficult”, he said, moved and moving.

“I lost a lot: my job, my hair, my certainties, but not the hope and desire to imagine. It was as if the pain gave me unexpected gifts.” Like realizing that I was happy even playing in front of 15 people, as happened at the beginning. “Numbers don't matter, because every individual, each of us, each of you, is unique, unrepeatable and infinite in its own way.” And then gratitude for “the beauty of Creation”, gratitude “for the doctors, nurses and hospital staff, for the scientific research without which I would not be here to talk to you, for the support I receive from my family, for the strength and the example I receive from other patients.”

And then the last gift: “When everything collapses and only the essential remains standing, the judgment we receive from the outside no longer counts. I am what I am, we are what we are”. Then he takes off his hat and lets his thick curly hair, now whitened, breathe. “I want to accept the new John.”

Before saying goodbye, his gift to the audience, who gave him a long standing ovation: “To give strength to everyone, I will play. But be careful: I have two fractured vertebrae, and tremors and tingling in my fingers. No longer being able to count on my body I will play with all my soul”. The song chosen is Tomorrow “so that tomorrow there will always be a more beautiful day waiting for us”.

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