Ghali beyond the Italian borders, Grey's Anatomy actor Jesse Williams publishes his story


Ghali beyond the Italian borders, Grey's Anatomy actor Jesse Williams publishes his story
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The Ghali case becomes international. As was widely expected, the story of Ghali's words in Sanremo and the consequent reaction of the Israeli ambassador in Rome crossed national borders, arriving across the Channel, where Middle East Eye, a well-known news site based in the United Kingdom specializing in the Middle East , who explained on his channels the story that occurred on Domenica In, when Ghali publicly responded to the ambassador's words .

Jesse Williams takes up Ghali's words

But in addition to the British newspaper, others abroad have taken up the story, including Jesse Williams, the actor known in particular for playing Doctor Jackson Avery in Grey's Anatomy. Followed by almost 8 million people, Williams has been working for weeks to give greater visibility to what is happening every day in the Middle East.

What Ghali said to Domenica In

The statement from Rai CEO Roberto Sergio had arrived after the words of Ghali as a guest on the post-Sanremo episode of Domenica In. Responding to what was said by the Israeli ambassador in Rome, who had accused Sanremo of having spread hateful messages referring to his stop the genocide on stage, the artist had said: “I'm sorry that you responded in this way, there are many things to say, precisely these. What should I use this stage for? I am a musician even before being on this stage “. And he continued his speech:

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I've always talked about this since I was a child, not since October 7th and the internet can document it. This thing has been going on for a while now. People are increasingly afraid to say 'stop the war and stop the genocide' and the fact that he says this is not good, it continues this policy of terror. People feel that they are losing something if they say 'long live peace' and that must not happen. Italy brings completely opposite values. There are children in the middle.

During the same broadcast, therefore, the much criticized moment, with Mara Venier who read Sergio's statement and shared it: “The CEO Roberto Sergio declared this: Every day our news programs and our programs tell and will continue to do so , the tragedy of the hostages in the hands of Hamas as well as remembering the massacre of children, women and men on October 7. My solidarity with the people of Israel and the Jewish Community is heartfelt and convinced.”


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