Garbage announce expanded reissue of ‘Bleed Like Me’ on vinyl and more

Aprilia Rine

Garbage announce expanded reissue of ‘Bleed Like Me’ on vinyl and more

Garbage has announced a remastered expanded reissue of their fourth album ‘Bleed Like Me’ on vinyl.

The band – comprised of frontwoman Shirley Manson, Duke Erikson, Steve Marker, and Butch Vig – released ‘Bleed Like Me’ back in 2005. Upon its release, the LP landed within the top five spots on the album charts in the US, UK, Australia and Europe.

It featured singles ‘Why Do You Love Me’ – which was a top 10 single in the UK – ‘Bleed Like Me’, ‘Sex Is Not The Enemy’ and ‘Run Baby Run’ which featured an accompanying music video directed by Sophie Muller.


The LP will be available on vinyl for the first time since its release. Fully remastered for 2024, this expanded reissue of ‘Bleed Like Me’ comes in various formats including a two disc CD, a deluxe two LP red vinyl pressing, a silver vinyl pressing as well as available to stream on all streaming platforms. It also features b-sides, rare tracks, remixes and alternate versions of tracks. The expanded reissued verison of ‘Bleed Like Me’ is set for release on April 5 via BMG/Stunvolume. Pre-order it here.

Speaking about the new expanded reissue of the album, Manson says: “This album was tricky to make and resulted in the band taking a five year hiatus shortly after it was released. However over the years it has become a mainstay of our discography so we decided to finally make it available on vinyl due to the many pained pleas from our fans.”

The band’s latest release was 2021’s ‘No Gods No Masters‘. In a four-star review of the LP, NME shared: “Seven albums and nearly 30 years into their career, these veterans have pulled off a record that’s seductive in its sound and resonant in its message, as well as proving a triumph in showcasing not only the lineage that led to Garbage but also their mastery of alt-tinged dark-pop that led us the likes of Chvrches and Lana Del Rey – with even newbies Rina Sawayama and Olivia Rodrigo counting them as influences.

“It’s no mean feat that ‘No Gods No Masters’ is not only Garbage’s best album in 20 years – at least – but one that could only have been made now.”

Speaking to NME back in 2022, Manson opened up about the potential of a new LP. “We’re going to do a week of writing then call it a day for the year, but that will be the official start date of us commencing work on our eighth record. Although it does pain me to leave behind ‘No Gods No Masters’ because she didn’t get any promotion because of COVID.”

Garbage. Credit: Frank Ockenfels III

She continued: “It was all very frustrating, but that’s how life is. Who knows if we’ll make another one after this? We always approach everything thinking, ‘This is it, this is going to be the last record’.”

The singer did remain tight-lipped about the future and what the next record might sound like. “I think it’s important to keep the stakes high, because otherwise you get a little tired,” she added. “When you set the stakes really high you tend to jump to reach it. We’ve got a great record to follow, which is always a great challenge.

“We’ve had some fraught periods where each member is struggling with their own demons – whether we’ve lost loved ones or someone is struggling with their physicality – there’s always stuff that comes into the group dynamic that causes some strife. I feel like we’re all in a really good place at this point.”

In other news, Garbage recently paid tribute to Mary Weiss of The Shangri-Las, who was confirmed to have passed away on January 19, aged 75.


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