Strong as soon as possible in Italy, the government accelerates


Strong as soon as possible in Italy, the government accelerates

It will take weeks, perhaps over two months, for Chico Forti to return to our country. Having reached the government's diplomatic and political goal, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice aim to accelerate the procedures for the transfer of the Trentino television producer and surfer: soon Chico will continue to serve in Italy the life sentence inflicted on him in 2000 by a Florida court, accused of the premeditated murder of an Australian businessman, of which he has always maintained his innocence.

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“We hope that all the other steps, those which involve, among other things, the judicial authorities, can be carried out in the shortest possible time to allow Forti to continue serving his sentence in his country, close to his loved ones”, comments Gardasigilli Nordio, who assures that his offices “will work to comply in the shortest possible time with all the necessary technical steps under the ministry's responsibility”, which he spoke about in his visit last November to the Justice Department in Washington.

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One of the most difficult obstacles in the negotiation was the issue of life imprisonment without parole: a crucial problem that emerged since last autumn, after the meetings of Vice Prime Minister Tajani who had spoken about it several times with Secretary Blinken, and those of Minister Nordio with the American colleague. In the last few hours, the visit of Prime Minister Meloni has sealed the resolution of the issue: in our country Chico Forti will still serve his life sentence, but subject to Italian laws, including reward benefits if they are foreseen.

After the success of the talks, a roadmap as dense as the complex extradition mechanism is now underway: this is why – according to what informed sources explain – it is not possible to predict with certainty the time needed to follow the US procedures and it could take weeks or even over two months. Once he receives the order from Florida Governor De Santis, Forti will be transferred from state prison to federal prison. After this step, the case will pass to the so-called 'department of Justice' which will send the translated sentence and the required documentation indicating the possibility of transfer to the Italian ministry. The Italian authorities will now in turn have to present a series of documents: among these those certifying that Italy will apply the “continuation of execution” or “conversion of the sentence” procedure, also specifying the nature and duration of the sentence that the prisoner will serve. The Italian ministry will forward the documentation to the judicial authority, i.e. the Court of Appeal of Trento, which in turn will have to recognize the sentence and implement it. Forti himself in the USA, represented by a lawyer, will appear before a federal magistrate to confirm his consent. The last step will therefore be the execution of the transfer, which Italy will take charge of, taking delivery of the Trentino manufacturer. Among the first to rejoice at the outcome of the affair was also the singer Enrico Ruggeri, who in 2021 wrote the song L'America dedicated to him. “He was an example. He never abandoned himself to desperation, he lived a nightmare finding the strength to look for positive aspects, beyond his incredible story, this important teaching of his remains”, writes the singer-songwriter on social media, virtually embracing “all those who have fought in recent years, from his wonderful family to his friends, from Marco Mazzoli, Andrea Bocelli and Jo Squillo to the associations that have kept their attention high without ever letting their guard down.”

Filippo Mosca's mother: 'The news opens my heart'

“When yesterday I learned the news of the resolution of Chico Forti's case, with his return to Italy, my heart opened and I felt a sense of happiness . I believe that Italy, which is a great country, must also think of the many compatriots locked up in the prisons of other nations and detained in difficult and often inhumane conditions, as is happening to my son Filippo”. Ornella Matraxia says it, mother of Filippo Mosca, the young twenty-nine year old from Caltanissetta, imprisoned for about nine months in the Porta Alba prison, in Costanza, Romania, after a first degree sentence of 8 years and 6 months for international drug trafficking narcotics, commenting with ANSA on the transfer of Chico Forti from the United States to an Italian prison to finish serving his sentence.

“Although the judicial cases are profoundly different – underlines Ornella – there is a whole load of feelings, emotions, objective difficulties and problems that inextricably unites those who face prison conditions and judicial cases abroad. Empathy with Chico Forti, but also with Ilaria Salis and their families – continues the mother from Mosca – it has amplified and each of their successes, each small step forward fills me with joy and rekindles the hope that the Italian government will also take action for my son, so that our battles , the requests for help, the screams of pain do not go unheard .” “I give a voice to my son who at the moment has none – underlines Ornella – I am desperate for his desperation and my battles are those that Filippo would fight for his innocence which he professed from the first moment of his arrest”. In recent weeks, Ornella Matraxia has denounced the treatment her son has undergone in the Costanza prison. “We were prevented from even giving him a blanket. For nine months we have been living in daily anguish – he adds – but we have faith in the Italian government and diplomacy, much less in Romanian justice which has proven superficial and approximate. Unfortunately, many Italians prisoners abroad are forgotten, we will continue to keep the spotlight on the case of my son accused of a crime he never committed”. In recent days, Romanian judges have rejected the request for house arrest. The appeal process is scheduled to begin on March 7th and Filippo Mosca's mother and also a delegation from the 'Prisoners of Silence' association, led by Katia Anedda, will be present at the Costanza court.

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