Winter flowers, rebirth according to Giorgio Armani


Winter flowers, rebirth according to Giorgio Armani
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“Winter flowers don't exist, I invented them!”, jokes Giorgio Armani at the end of the fashion show of the collection for next winter, a vision of composed beauty that moves between black velvets and colored petals in front of the eyes of guests like Cate Blanchett.
The images of the parade

For Armani, the choice of flowers is symbolic: “they recall a better season or in any case herald – he underlines – a better season”. A hope nourished by the love for fashion and nature which “has always supported me in my choices, it is something that transforms into fabric, colour, attitude, suggests an atmosphere, nature is where we live and we want to continue to live it without exasperations which – it is his belief – are absolutely not necessary”.
So on his catwalk nothing ever gives in to excess or ostentation: those who show themselves to the public at the Armani Teatro are creatures that move between silk shantung trousers and flower nets, never out of place, never out of line. It is no coincidence that the show is opened by Gina Di Bernardo, a deeply Armani woman, the timeless face of advertising campaigns between the 80s and 90s.
And the show is a succession of flowers that bloom even in the depths of winter, landing on the clothes together with dragonflies, underlining the spirit of rebirth of the collection, the sense of fluid and harmonious elegance that is the essence of Giorgio Armani's work .
The silhouette lengthens and hovers with flared sleeves, long coats, liquid trousers, while in the evening the long and precious dresses draw a slender and poetic figure.
At the end of the show, as has become tradition, Armani allows himself to be asked questions by the press. A foreign journalist asks him what he thinks of the “far-right government” led by the prime minister. And he glosses over Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in style, who “has two important elements in her body that are quite robust, she doesn't have them but it's as if she had them”. “I'm not that competent about politics and the strategies it implements, it annoys me sometimes – adds Armani – to see her so small and petite in Europe among so many statuesque and elegant gentlemen, her there with her little jacket, but – he concludes – She has a beautiful face.”

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