Sanremo Festival, bomb alert: Villa Nobel evacuated


Sanremo Festival, bomb alert: Villa Nobel evacuated

Villa Nobel, where a party promoted by Radio Mediaset for the start of the Sanremo Festival was underway, was evacuated this evening due to an anonymous phone call announcing the presence of a bomb. Some of the artists who will take part in the 74th Sanremo Festival were present at the party. The police cordoned off the area. The firefighters were also on site. The bomb squad is expected.

The inauguration party of Oltre il festival was underway at Villa Nobel, the Radio Mediaset project which involves, for the whole week, six broadcasters, Radio 105, Radio Monte Carlo, R101, Radio Subasio, Radio Norba, Radio Bella & Monella , a meeting and discussion point between professionals, artists and guests. At the invitation dinner – they explain from Radio Mediaset – there were several artists competing in the festival, which starts tomorrow, as well as radio talent. “We were sitting at the tables – they say – when the police entered and asked us to leave quickly, without specifying anything else or making any mention of bomb scares. We left the villa, which overlooks the Aurelia, and they blocked the road to the controls. Now we have returned to our respective hotels.”

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