Ferragni: 'There is life outside social media and it must be lived'


Ferragni: 'There is life outside social media and it must be lived'

The Nove streaming site is in haywire, a palpable tension throughout the interview despite Fabio Fazio's wise chances. Feeling eyes on you is part of the game but this time it wasn't the easiest: Chiara Ferragni, under investigation for aggravated fraud for the Pandoro gate, with an ongoing relationship crisis, in search of a change in image, told her truth this evening on Che tempo che fa.

Nothing particularly sensational, rather the admission regarding the marital affair that: “Federico and I are in touch, we are two adult people who love each other, it's not that from one day to the next we no longer feel in touch. It's a period We have also had crises in the past but this is a slightly stronger crisis. Now the priority for both of us is their children.”

That his private life was also his public was a starting choice, managing emergency situations is a job that is learned, evidently with difficulty. “It's not a strategy, it's absurd to even think so”, she replied to Fazio who reported the rumors according to which the Ferragnez collapse was a gigantic fake to distract from legal proceedings. “We were a very social couple, I have had my personal story for 16 years and Federico has followed a similar path to me. You cannot ask for privacy because we both gave up privacy, a choice, that's how it went for us, I think I'll continue like this because if I am who I am is due to the choice to tell about myself”, said Ferragni in a black suit and loose hair, tight smile, tired eyes

the. An outfit chosen with care “simple but not chaste, I chose classic the way I like it”. How do we get out of the impasse? “I understood that we need to live more in the present, real life, I have never stopped to live in the present and instead social media is not everything, even if it is my dream job, life outside must be lived. I suffered a media pillory, I was terrified of leaving the house, I felt surrounded but instead I found fantastic people, going out into the real world helped me a lot.”

On the judicial matter – she is being investigated for aggravated fraud as part of the investigation by the Milan Prosecutor's Office which focuses on the case of the pandoro produced by the Piedmontese company Balocco, with the hypothesis costing the digital entrepreneur a fine of one million euros by the Antitrust, for which he filed an appeal with the Lazio Regional Administrative Court – for having implied that, by purchasing the pandoro, research on osteosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma would be supported in order to purchase a new machine – Ferragni reiterated his be “in good faith”. “Things could have been done better, certainly but I thought I had done charitable operations in total good faith.” Ferragni showed an “authentic” version of herself this evening, “don't always try to be perfect. It's a tough time, but my story is so small compared to the tragedies of the world.

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