Feminicide Lucca, who is Vittorio Pescaglini: the man who killed his wife Maria Ferreira


Feminicide Lucca, who is Vittorio Pescaglini: the man who killed his wife Maria Ferreira
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The murder in Fornaci di Barga. The victim's name was Maria Ferreira, she was 50 years old and Brazilian. Her husband is Vittorio Pescaglini, 56 years old. The two were separating and living in Fabbriche di Vergemoli, before the woman left home.

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Maria Batista Ferreira and Vittorio Pescaglini

The 56-year-old Vittorio Pescaglini killed his wife Maria Battista Ferreira in Fornaci di Barga (Lucca) on the street and then spontaneously handed himself over to the authorities.

The two had been together for about 20 years, but for some time the woman had moved away and gone to live somewhere else.

Vittorio Pescaglini and Maria Battista Ferreira were separating

Pescaglini still lived in Fabbriche di Vergemoli. He had worked for many years in a service cooperative. Maria Ferreira was of Brazilian descent.

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She was 50 years old and had an adult daughter from a previous relationship. The two were separating. For this reason, a few weeks ago, the lady had left home and – being currently unemployed – had been placed by social services in the Hotel Gorizia in Fornaci di Barga.

The murder took place in the street, in via della Stazione in Fornaci di Barga, around 5.30pm. It is there that Vittorio Pescaglini reached his wife in the car, got out and stabbed her with a blade under the eyes of several passers-by.

After the murder the man called the police to warn them of his action and turned himself in. According to an initial reconstruction, before handing himself in he wrote a message to a friend: “I screwed up”.

The authorities: “We are shocked”

“I am shocked and saddened – comments Michele Giannini, mayor of Fabbriche di Vergemoli , where the couple lived -. Tragedies like these strike you in the heart, when they involve people you know well. Even more so in a small community like ours. I have words.”

“Shocked and furious at today's feminicide in Barga. We strongly condemn this unseemly violence. Our deepest condolences to the victim's family. It is essential to fight violence against women with all our strength every day and guarantee justice”, he commented feminicide the president of the Region Eugenio Giani .


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