Fedez, 'this generation is the guinea pig of social media'


Fedez, 'this generation is the guinea pig of social media'
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“This generation is the guinea pig of social media. The psychological, psychiatric and social repercussions of the social networks themselves should be studied, but today there are very few studies, which is why we are guinea pigs.” The rapper Fedez stated this during the meeting he had at the Circolo dei Lettori in Turin packed to the limit of capacity, with 370 students from the Passoni high school, Piazza dei Mestieri and Imaginazione Lavoro. The meeting, organized by the Acmos association, was on the theme “Mental health is a right of young people”. Faith on his left ring finger, he did not talk about the personal affairs linked to his wife Chiara Ferragni, nor the judicial ones, refusing with a smile to respond to journalists.

To know more ANSA Agency Chiara Ferragni, 'it's a painful moment' – People – Ansa.it “It's a painful moment”. This is how Chiara Ferragni commented, reached today by Michel Dessì, correspondent for the program Pomeriggio Cinque, the program hosted by Myrta Merlino on Canale 5, who asked her how she was. (HANDLE)

As regards the alternatives for generation Z, Fedez spoke about the importance of social centres, quoting the historian Alessandro Barbero who, speaking of the Askatasuna in Turin, had defined these spaces as “a wealth”. “I come from the social centers – said the rapper – and I agree with Barbero. Although there were violent contexts, in the social centers you came into contact with people. The future of the kids now will be to be in front of a telephone and It's a shame in my opinion. The problem isn't with the kids, it's with those who don't offer them alternatives.”

To know more ANSA Fedez Agency , 'mental health is not considered in Italy' – Society and Rights – Ansa.it “Mental and physical health must go hand in hand, but mental health is not considered in this country”. (HANDLE)

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