Fedez invites Selvaggia Lucarelli on his podcast for a discussion with Mariotti: “Come and talk to him”


Fedez invites Selvaggia Lucarelli on his podcast for a discussion with Mariotti: “Come and talk to him”

Fedez invited Selvaggia Lucarelli on his podcast for a discussion. The rapper proposed to the journalist a face-to-face meeting with Matteo Mariotti, the boy attacked by a shark and accused by the journalist of a less than transparent fundraiser.

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Selvaggia Lucarelli we are here “. It is Fedez who – during Muschio Selvaggio – invited the journalist to the next episode of his podcast. An opportunity to shed light on the case of Matteo Mariotti , the twenty-year-old who lost a leg after being attacked by a shark in Australia. In the past Lucarelli had raised doubts about the fundraising for medical expenses organized by Mariotti's friends, which he said was a non-transparent charity action. After the operation, the boy replied: ” Compared to a shark, you are much more dangerous .”

Matteo Mariotti to Muschio Selvaggio: “This story seems like a film but it isn't”

The last episode of Muschio Selvaggio had Matteo Mariotti as its protagonist: ” This story seems like a film but it isn't “. The boy talked about the operation, his new life and the attack he suffered , both from the shark and from the journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli : ” I pick up the phone and the first thing I see are many, not I can say how many but more than thousands of messages telling me it's right that you're dying, you had to die in the shark's mouth ” says Matteo. According to the boy, it was the journalist who unleashed the haters, guilty of having judged as poorly the charity action organized for him was transparent and that he had incited a social army against him . Mariotti, in his reconstruction of the facts, reiterated that he had nothing to do with the fundraising, an initiative that started when the twenty-year-old was in intensive care.

Fedez challenges Selvaggia Lucarelli: “Come here and talk to him”

It is not the first time that Selvaggia Lucarelli has tried to shed light on unclear events in the charity sector . On the other hand, she was the first to denounce the Ferragni – Balocco affair . Fedez immediately clarified ” I won't deny it , I don't like it but I want to try to analyze this thing with as much intellectual honesty as possible “. After Matteo's statements, the rapper invited the journalist to participate in the next episode of the podcast: ” Selvaggia we are here, Matteo is here, as you can see he is healthy, lucid, he has things to tell you and he is a witness to what you call journalistic activity. If you claim and believe in what you do, in my opinion this is an excellent platform, there will be no cuts, everything will be uncut, if you want we will give you all the guarantees in the world. We are here .” The podcast hosts added that they are willing to host the face-to-face confrontation between Selvaggia Lucarelli and Matteo Mariotti in any mode, with or without cameras.


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