Darwin Day events around the world


Darwin Day events around the world

It has forever changed the way we see man and the world around him: for this reason the theory of natural evolution is celebrated throughout the world on 12 February, the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, who formulated in 1859. Numerous events organized around the world on Darwin Day, to remember one of the most important figures of scientific thought. Even in Italy, from Cosenza to Pordenone, meetings, webinars and educational workshops are planned,

The Italian Darwin Day program, coordinated by the Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics, was kicked off in January by the event organized in Pordenone on 'The relationships between the formation of the Earth and its rocks and the traces of first forms of life'.

Born on 12 February 1809 in Shrewsbury, England, Charles Robert Darwin with his studies profoundly transformed the image we have not only of man, but of the entire history of life and the geology of the planet: from observations of fossils , from which the continuous transformations on the surface of the Earth were theorized, to the understanding of the natural mechanisms which, starting from unicellular beings, have led to the growing complexity of living organisms.

The real revolution of thought brought about by this new image of the world is the protagonist of a series of conferences scheduled throughout Italy. In Cosenza, for example, a webinar on Darwin's influence on the explanation of the religious phenomenon is scheduled for February 12th, in Venice a meeting with the chemist and popularizer Luigi Garlaschelli is organized.

The Natural History Museum of Milan dedicated two days to Darwin's legacy, exploring the sectors on which the theory of evolution had a great impact, even lesser-known ones such as art. The initiatives organized for Darwin Day will continue even after February 12th: on the 17th Catania will host a meeting with experts from different disciplines to try to answer fundamental questions, such as 'who are we? where do we come from?', a meeting is scheduled for 29 February in Milan to discuss 'Evolutionism, creationism and debunking in Social Media', while in Pordenone on 15 March a conference by physicist Catalina Curceanu on 'The origin of species… of particles. From the Higgs boson to dark matter'.

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