Eurovision 2024, Israel defends the song October Rain


Eurovision 2024, Israel defends the song October Rain
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Israel does not intend to back down for now on the song 'October Rain' that singer Eden Golan plans to perform in May at the 'Eurovision Song Contest' in Malmo, Sweden. The public broadcaster Kan reiterated this today after learning that the 'European Broadcasting Union' (EBU) is examining the text to verify whether it has no political content. ''Our dialogue with the EBU continues'' Kan said, adding however that that song will not be changed. However, if it were not approved, it was pointed out, Israel would not be able to participate in Eurovision.

Meanwhile, Culture Minister Micky Zohar intervened in the matter, pointing out to the EBU that the song ''is not political and does not talk about war or conflict''. Rather, it expresses widespread sentiments among the Israeli people, including the desire for renewal ''in a fragile situation of loss and destruction''.
Faced with the controversy, today Kan has released the complete lyrics of 'October Rain' on his website. It's almost all in English, with a closing in Hebrew: 'I have no air left to breathe. There's no more room. There is no 'me' from day to day. Everyone is a good child, one by one.'

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