Erica no longer wants Giovanni, her father: "Now respect my daughter's freedom"


Erica no longer wants Giovanni, her father: "Now respect my daughter's freedom"


After a year and a half of engagement and eight months of living together, Giovanni is left by his girlfriend, Erica , who discovers a betrayal. He also cheats on a second occasion, right when they were planning a wedding, and she doesn’t want to know anything about him anymore. Not happy, he acts jealous and possessive during the period in which the two broke up, with stalker-like attitudes and therefore denunciation. Eight months later, he leaves therapy in which he understands many things and makes one last desperate attempt by calling the girl and her parents on You’ve Got Mail.

Erica doesn’t want to be with him anymore

Erica immediately appears determined to refuse the attempt

Today I feel good in my freedom. I’m fine because I have recovered a whole series of individual freedoms, as well as relationships with friends, which I didn’t have before due to the relationship with him. How do I feel about him? I don’t know how to describe well what I feel, but certainly all this evil has caused the life that was there before to diminish. If I had to think about it with another girl, it would bother me but I really don’t think I’ll go back to the situation I was in before.

The bickering between the two

“After the betrayal, you had more opportunities to understand”, says Erica and he tries to make inroads: “Yes, but I didn’t have the tools to understand”.

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The truth is that perhaps it’s a little late. I found myself again, but I lost my nature for him. I couldn’t get my voice out, I couldn’t interrupt, I couldn’t do everything. I am afraid? No, I’m not afraid, but I don’t want to make promises that I can’t make, I don’t want to give you illusions. I don’t want to go back with him because I don’t believe in the possibility of a different life, but also because I don’t love him anymore.

The father’s appeal: “Now respect my daughter’s freedom”

At the end of the block, Erica decides to close the envelope but before everything ends, her father takes the stand and speaks: “Now that we have said everything, I only want to add that by appreciating your gesture you must understand that you must respect the Erica’s freedom because Erica is the friend with whom I spend the dawn of every summer and I no longer recognized her in the year she was with you. I’m just telling you, respect her freedom and you will have a friend in me for the life”. Clear agreements long friendship.


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