Emanuele Filiberto: "Not even the time of mourning, disgusting as some have spoken of my father"


Emanuele Filiberto: "Not even the time of mourning, disgusting as some have spoken of my father"

Emanuele Filiberto, one month after the death of his father Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia, talks about the last days of their life spent together, also talking about their relationship. However, there is no shortage of comments on the ways in which the Prince was spoken about shortly after his passing.

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Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia was a guest on the episode of Verissimo on Sunday 10 March. One month after the death of Vittorio Emanuele , the prince talks about the days before his passing, their relationship, but also the attitude he adopted towards his father.

The last days of Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy

The heir to the House of Savoy passed away on February 3, at the age of 86. He had been in hospital for three weeks, having come in for an infection in his leg, which he then recovered, but in the meantime other complications emerged. During his hospitalization he had the opportunity to have his entire family by his side, as Emanuele Filiberto says:

It happened in a very beautiful way, we were all with him, we could be around him, talk to him, day and night, this day came when he had enough of fighting, until the end I saw a real lion, until the at the end, the doctors told me that the heart was making an effort. We talked to each other a lot in the last three weeks in hospital, he was totally lucid, he talked about his feelings, he talked a lot about his mother about his youth. He passed away peacefully. It was 6 in the morning, he was tired, he told me I want to rest, he closed his eyes and left.

After 65 years together, Marina Doria loses her life partner, who together with her would have turned 87 on February 12th. In this regard, despite the sadness of the moment, Emanuele Filiberto declares:

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I’m not worried about mum, she has so much love around her, so many people, her family, I believe that she too, little by little she will take care of herself and we are all there, to tell her that despite this enormous void, life goes on and you can’t let go , you must have strength, a demonstration of strength for the new generations.

The relationship with his father

The well-known face of the House of Savoy then delved into the relationship built over the years with his father, a bond made up of beautiful and important moments lived together:

Dad wasn’t just a father to me, he was a friend, a confidant, a guide, a person who passed on to me his passions, aviation, the sea, he taught me all the sports, we had a real complicity. The teaching is that he was a truly good person, a person who despite the fact that you could be the most important person, humble, he was the same with everyone, he was a good person with everyone.

If he had to identify a message that he believes his father taught him, he would say: “Love is the unity of the family” and adds: ” He had a youth that was not easy, he is a person who suffered a lot when he was young, I would like to give you the love that I could never receive from my parents, if one day I was able to create a family it is thanks to him, to what I was able to see of my family”.

The words of the press after his passing

After the death of Vittorio Emanuele, there was no shortage of comments surrounding his figure and it was Silvia Toffanin herself who raised the issue, asking how the family had reacted:

I found what happened disgusting, they didn’t give us time to grieve. I saw journalists, commentators, who judged a person they had never met, I can’t understand why, I found it ugly and sad, more for them, as you can think of, one day, two days after his death, television broadcasts, totally useless.

Recently, a documentary also appeared on Netflix, Il Principe, on the news case involving Vittorio Emanuele, on horseback, in France, and regarding the docuseries Emanuele Filiberto declared:

For him, as for us, as for everyone, it was a problem judged by the Paris assembly, it was archived, because for 13 years we managed to prove that it wasn’t him, to see this documentary, how they finally closed it, as if it were a confession. I believe that everyone should do their job, he didn’t suffer about this, he was certain of what had happened, he proved himself in 13 years of investigation, with professionals in every field. He suffered for the trust the person gave to the person who made the documentary, which was not reciprocated, but it is the world of a certain part of journalists.

Emanuele Filiberto will continue his father’s activities

The task that falls to Emanuele Filiberto, therefore, is to carry on his father’s legacy, acting as spokesperson for the charitable projects presided over by him, but not only that and in fact he admits:

Not much has changed in my life, I take up what he did, starting from his father, charity, I am responsible for being able to continue these thousand years of history in the right way, with all my family around. I am also a father and I have to do a lot for my daughters, my wife, my mother, I have an extra responsibility.


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