Draghi: 'Profound changes require enormous investments'


Draghi: 'Profound changes require enormous investments'
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“Many profound changes have occurred in the global economic order in recent years, and these changes have had a number of consequences, one of which is clear: a huge amount of money will have to be invested in Europe in a relatively short time, and I am looking forward to discuss what finance ministers are thinking and preparing about how to finance these investment needs.” Former Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this as he arrived in Ghent at the informal meeting of finance ministers, where he was invited in light of the report on the future of European competitiveness on which he is working.

With respect to the necessary investments, Draghi pointed out, “I don't just mean public money, but also private savings: how private resources could be mobilized to a much higher extent than in the past and I look forward to having this discussion”. “We are here – he announced upon his arrival – for an initial exchange with various interested parties for the preparation of the report on Europe's competitiveness”.

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