Did Benny Safdie Attend the Independent Spirit Awards as His Character from ‘The Curse’?

Liem Soeng

Did Benny Safdie Attend the Independent Spirit Awards as His Character from ‘The Curse’?
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Benny Safdie had “The Curse” fans wondering if he was in character at the 2024 Film Independent Spirit Awards after his interview with IndieWire on the blue carpet.

Our interview opens with, “We wanted to ask–” but before we even got the question out, Safdie interjects, “What am I wearing?!” He then proceeds to break down his look. 

“This is a Kapital jacket, Ralph Lauren pants, vintage. I got some shoes that I found somewhere else and some vintage rings. Winter Watch, and just some other pieces that I kind of find on my travels.” 

Commenters on the video observed that he may have been in character to promote “The Curse” since it isn’t something the real Benny Safdie would usually wear or say. However, his sleazy character Dougie Schecter would be more than happy to report on his vintage-thrifted garb.

The actor seemingly broke character when we asked if he prefers to act or direct. “I always get that question, but I look at them as very connected. Because I love directing because I love performance, and I love acting because I love performance. So it’s like one time you’re doing it, like with somebody else’s help and then another, you’re trying to help other people get there, so they’re separate,” he explained.

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Safdie continued to compare the two art forms. “I do find a kinship to them as there is with all of it. It’s a collaboration amongst everybody but I don’t know, I like them. There’s no either-or. I like doing it. And it’s not like I will go out of my way, it’s only if I really think I can help, you know, and do something interesting. It’s an interesting question because they are so deeply connected but everybody always separates everything.”

Auterist pair Benny and Josh Safdie revealed earlier this year that they plan to split up on their next projects. We asked Benny how he’s feeling about being out on his own now.

“We’re brothers, so that’s always gonna be there,” he clarified. “It’s really just a matter of, you know, like thinking about the timeline, ‘What do you wanna do? What do I wanna do?’ And that’s just kind of where I want to do this, he wants to do that.”

THE CURSE, from left: Emma Stone, Benny Safdie, The Fire Burns On', (Season 1, ep. 106, aired Dec. 17, 2023). photo: Anna Kooris / ©Showtime / Courtesy Everett Collection
Emma Stone and Safdie on “The Curse”©Showtime Networks Inc./Courtesy Everett Collection

The split is indefinite as the directing duo must apply for a special waiver due to a DGA bylaw and applying a second time after a breakup can be challenging.

“It’s just a by-product of what interests each other. And like in any collaboration, you want to explore new things,” Safdie said in conclusion.

Whatever project the brothers decide to do next, together or separately (let’s not forget Benny’s upcoming solo debut), we will be ready for it.


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