De Luca: 'The only insult yesterday was directed by Meloni'


De Luca: 'The only insult yesterday was directed by Meloni'
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“Yesterday the only insult was addressed by Meloni to those who went to demonstrate because in a democratic country Meloni does not decide who and when to demonstrate”. The president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, said this on the occasion of the demonstration against autonomy and for the unblocking of development and cohesion funds in Naples.

“I spoke yesterday in Piazza Santi Apostoli for an hour and no one offended anyone. They sent a round off the air while I was in Montecitorio drinking a glass of water. You have to be careful, it was something said in a low voice”, said the president of the Campania Region in relation to what happened in Rome and the off-air broadcast released yesterday. “Today the main headlines are De Luca's insult to Meloni – he added – we are going mad. We are in a country sick with conformism and opportunism and in which public opinion seems to have lost its critical reason. We have been reduced to a title on a joke”.

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