David Alonso wins Moto3 in Qatar with a fairytale final lap: from 6th to 1st in a 6-way turn


David Alonso wins Moto3 in Qatar with a fairytale final lap: from 6th to 1st in a 6-way turn

Great performance from the 17-year-old Colombian who imposed himself in Moto3 in a heart-pounding finale. In the winning rush he presses Holgado and Furusato to the finish line, climbing from sixth to first position. Riccardo Rossi was also excellent, fourth.

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Crazy finish on the last lap of the Moto3 in Qatar which saw David Alonso triumph. A race that was decided in the sprint, on the last lap, at the last corner where the very young Colombian driver succeeded in the masterpiece by overtaking everyone in the corners and taking the lead on the final straight in a splendid seven-way turn. Thus, Alonso took his fifth personal victory since racing in Moto3.

A Moto3 Qatar Grand Prix that was simply spectacular and heart-pounding as the laps increased and the finish line approached. A battle that saw a seven-way fight down to the last metre, with a sprint finish that rewarded the 17-year-old Colombian who was very good at taking the best line at the decisive moment, coming out of the final turn in Holgado’s wake and overtaking him just enough at the waving of the checkered flag.

A race that provided excitement from the first to the last corner, with the brawl starting from the first laps when, however, Holgado seemed to have immediately taken the measure of his opponents. An initial gap between the top nine and the rest of the group highlighted the gap in the race between the best, among which Riccardo Rossi also stood out, always glued to the top positions. However, Holgado was never able to take off, immediately followed by Alonso and Fernandez, after Rueda and Ortolà went off the track, as will happen shortly afterwards to two Italians, Bertelle and Farioli, who collide on the same trajectory.

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As the laps went by, Holgado’s leadership was immediately put at great risk thanks to Furusato’s show as he climbed position after position, also taking the lead of the race . The Japanese unleashes a splendid reaction from Holgado who forcefully regains the first position in a head-to-head battle which however also allows the other riders to get in the way. To such an extent that the last lap is incredible: a great David Alonso makes the perfect move , climbing from sixth position and passing Holgado, Furusato and a great Riccardo Rossi on the finish line, arriving just at the foot of the podium.


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