Turnout grows slightly in Abruzzo, game open


Turnout grows slightly in Abruzzo, game open

The data on turnout in Abruzzo keeps everyone in suspense. After the exploit of two percentage points compared to the last round, the data stabilizes.

Participation, according to the partial data from 7pm, is growing. But only slightly: from 43% in 2019 to 43.9% today. Looking with greater hope at the data that illustrates the participation of citizens is the wide field in support of Luciano D’Amico, convinced that he can play for a hypothetical comeback by drawing right from the portion of the disappointed ones.

So far, however, there has been no jump in turnout. But hope remains. However, the 7pm data does not seem to worry the opposing front, that of candidate Marco Marsilio. Some centre-right committees reflect on the fact that in the Region the increase in turnout has often rewarded the centre-left in the past. But it is a reading that does not undermine the optimism about a victory that, in these parts, continues to be seen as within reach. There are two figures, however, that attract the attention of both sides: in Teramo, the city of candidate D’Amico, there was a jump in turnout of around 5% more than in 2019; same increase recorded in L’Aquila, a city governed by FdI. That citizen participation data can be an important element is demonstrated by the incessant calls to vote, which continued even during the hours of electoral silence.

With fiery chats. And tam tam among the citizens. On the centre-left side, the activism of the non-locals. With Abruzzo students who have relaunched offers on trains to return to their place of residence. The train, however, is not the only means of increasing participation. A bus left from the Campania capital with around fifty Neapolitans living in Abruzzo on board. Voting paper in hand. Accompanying the Campania group were the regional coordinator of Forza Italia Fulvio Martusciello and senator Francesco Silvestro. “There are many Neapolitans who live in the province of L’Aquila – explains Martusciello – many friends who asked us to go to the polls together. Thus the idea of making a bus was born. Let’s vote together and win together”. The two candidates, Marco Marsilio and Luciano D’amico voted in their respective seats. Wearing a gray turtleneck and dark jacket, the outgoing president of the Abruzzo region arrived just before 12 at the elementary school in the Tricalle neighborhood of Chieti. After inserting the ballot into the ballot box, there was a brief exchange of words with a representative of the PD list who greeted him with a high five. Then I wish the presidents and scrutineers well in their work. A few minutes later, in Pescara, his opponent Luciano D’Amico showed up with his staff at the polling station of the ‘Illuminati school, a few steps from the seafront. Jacket and tie, and shaking hands with the citizens, who greeted him by calling him professor. Then, both at home. A few hundred meters away from each other. It is from there that the first stages of the counting will follow.


To know more ANSA Agency D’Amico voted in Pescara, selfies and handshakes for him – News – Ansa.it Arrived with his staff at 12 o’clock (ANSA)

To know more ANSA Agency Marsilio at the polling station in Chieti with his wife and daughter – News – Ansa.it After the vote he wishes the presidents and scrutineers good work (ANSA)

In the final stages of the election campaign, Marsilio was sure he could announce his victory around half past one. D’Amico was convinced that we had to wait at least 4 to have a consolidated result. The latter is a sign of the trust placed in a battle until the last vote. Meanwhile, confirming a fiery electoral campaign up to the moment of counting, comes the controversy over the violation of electoral silence. Marsilio’s anger was unleashed by a broadcast hosted by Marco Travaglio on Saturday evening. According to the outgoing president, the director of Il Fatto held “a rally peppered with slander”. Accusations that intersect with those of the Abruzzo senator of the 5 Star Movement Gabriella Di Girolamo. Who insists: it was Marsilio who “fueled the controversy to violate the silence”. For the M5s, the two deputy prime ministers Antonio Tajani and Matteo Salvini would also have violated the silence. The leader of Forza Italia published a simple phrase on X: “Forza Abruzzo, Forza Italia! Good vote”. The leader of the League publishes a collage of images of his electoral campaign in the Region and writes: “so many smiles, so much energy in Abruzzo!”.

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