Controls on influencers, Finance recovers 11 million


Controls on influencers, Finance recovers 11 million

A check, the first pilot took place at the end of 2022, to verify that what was declared by influencers and creators of digital content, intended for adult platforms, corresponded to the income actually received. An investigation that positioned the Bologna financial police’s lens on three aspects: the publications of posts on social media, collaborations with companies (influencer marketing) and the inclusion of content on sites such as OnlyFans or Escort Advisor.

The yellow flames thus discovered a sum of over 11 million euros, undeclared to the tax authorities, recovered by sanctioning four influencers, two results unknown to the tax authorities, and five digital creators from Bologna. Among the first are the entrepreneur and DJ Gianluca Vacchi and the videomaker and YouTuber Luis Sal. The latter, on Instagram, commented on the assessment, which only concerns tax aspects and has no criminal relevance.
In a story, addressing his followers, he explained: “I am not a tax evader: I have always declared everything, I have always paid all taxes, often in advance, on credit. An investigation is underway: these are normal checks that are carried out Fortunately, I have professionals who have been in charge of declaring things properly for years. And we’ll see how it ends. In the meantime, I’m sorry that it’s being written as ‘Luis Sal tax evader’, ‘influencers who don’t pay taxes’.’s a bit unpleasant. Even if I saw me on the street right now, I would slap myself. So, if you see me on the street, please don’t hit me.”

In the late afternoon, Vacchi, through his lawyer, Gino Bottiglioni, also issued a note to clarify his position. “Following a tax audit conducted by the financial police in relation to professional artistic activity for the 2017-2019 tax periods – it is written – the additional tax ascertained by the inspectors amounts to approximately 6 thousand euros and refers, not to hidden proceeds , but the full deductibility of costs has been contested. Nothing else has been notified by the competent authorities with reference to what has been published which must therefore be considered groundless”.

The other influencers involved are Eleonora Bertoli and Giulia Ottorini , also well known on TikTok. For the creators of digital content, active on adult platforms with the publication of paid services on the web and all unknown to the tax authorities as the investigation found, the control would have led to three of them being reported to the revenue agency ” applying – explained the finance department in a note – a particular surcharge to income taxes, introduced by the 2006 budget law, to be paid by those who produce, distribute, sell and represent materials for adults, including in multimedia format. , for a total of approximately 200 thousand euros, is intended for interventions in favor of the entertainment sector, among the most penalized during the pandemic”.

All the sanctioned people, it is specified by the finance department, proved to be “largely” collaborative, “adhering to the findings made and paying the amounts due to the treasury. Only in some cases, they reserved the right to carry out further investigations, before continuing the procedure in front of the financial offices”.

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