Conecta, CineKid Among Council of Europe’s 2024 Series Co-Production Development Awards Hosts (EXCLUSIVE)

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The Council of Europe, home of Eurimages, has revealed the four series co-production markets which have been selected to host the 2024 Series Co-Production Development Awards.

Conecta Fiction and Entertainment (Spain), CineKid (Netherlands), TV Beats Co-Financing Market – Industry@Tallinn (Estonia, and NEM Zagreb (Croatia) have been chosen by a panel of independent experts to present the awards valued at €50,000 ($54,325) each.

The initiative is part of a new three-year pilot program for series co-productions launched by the Council of Europe, aimed at empowering independent producers and fostering new relationships in the creation and production of high-quality series made as international co-productions.

Markets taking place in countries participating in the pilot program are eligible to present the new awards. Projects in development, which can be drama, documentary or animation series, must be presented within the framework of the selected co-production market by independent producers based in an Eurimages member state. At least one other independent production company from a different Eurimages member state is required to be involved in the future development and production of the series.

Géraldine Gonard, general director and founder, said: “We are confident that this award will allow us to showcase the creative brilliance of European storytelling and recognize the visionary creators shaping the future of collaborative storytelling endeavors.”

Sara Juricic, head of Cinekid for Professionals, added: “We are thrilled to be part of this pilot scheme and that we can offer makers tangible support for the children’s serial format.”

Marge Liiske, MD, Industry@Tallinn, said: “It will greatly assist us in standing out, achieving our goals of increasing series co-productions, and welcoming new talents and diverse voices from the region.”

Sanja Božić-Ljubičić, founder of NEM, added: “We are honored to be hosting Series Co-Production Development Awards and further promote the goals of this program seeing how NEM Zagreb’s primary focus is on creative development in the CEE region, where international co-production is the most important tool to compete on the global level.”

The 2023 Council of Europe pilot program for series co-productions is implemented by Eurimages and supported by Flemish Minister of Media, le Ministère de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Ministry of Culture Estonia, Ministry of Culture of the Hellenic Republic, National Film Institute – Hungary, Luxembourg Film Fund, Netherlands Film Fund, Ministry of Culture of North Macedonia, Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual – Portugal, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA)- Spain.


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