Who has pension payments suspended in March 2024, what does the RED model have to do with it and how to fix it


Who has pension payments suspended in March 2024, what does the RED model have to do with it and how to fix it

For some pensioners, the payment of the allowance has been suspended for March 2024 and also for the following months. These are those who did not send the RED form to INPS in time. Here's what the form is, how to send it and what to do to fix it in time.

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Several people could find themselves without a pension in March and also in the following months. In fact, payments have been suspended for those who have not sent the so-called RED form , i.e. the declaration of income situation. Not all pensioners are obliged to do so, but if there is an obligation and the deadlines are not respected, INPS pension payments are suspended for two months. If this is not remedied within this time, payments will be permanently stopped . The deadline for sending the new RED form, relating to income for the year 2022, has arrived on February 29, 2024. Now that it has passed, those who have not kept it could find themselves without a check. Here's what the RED form is, how to fill it out and send it and what to do to fix the situation in case of delays.

What is the RED model and what is it for

The RED form is a declaration of income received which must be sent directly to INPS. It is not mandatory for everyone , but for certain categories of citizens, including some pensioners: these are those who receive economic benefits which can only be provided if certain income requirements are met.

Its purpose is therefore to let INPS know your income and assets situation. Thus the Institute can calculate the amount of these benefits and ensure that the person is still entitled to receive them. The RED form must be presented to INPS every year , unless the 730 form or the PF income form has also been presented, which replace the RED form because they already contain all the information on the income.

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Who is obliged to send the form to INPS

Anyone who receives economic benefits that are linked to income is obliged to send the RED form. In particular, INPS lists these categories:

  • pensioners who in previous years only had pension income, if however there was a change in the year in question;
  • pensioners who receive income-related benefits who do not communicate all their income to the Revenue Agency, for example in cases of employee work done abroad, or income that comes from bank, postal, government bonds or from investment shares;
  • pensioners who do not have to submit a tax return to the Revenue Agency, but who also have additional income in addition to the pension (for example, that from their main residence);
  • pensioners who have income from co.co.co. or from self-employment, even occasional, and which however are not declared to the Revenue Agency.

A specific INPS circular in 2015 detailed all the categories that must present the RED form. Not only that, but in some cases it is also necessary to enter information about your spouse or family members.

How to fill out the RED form

INPS has made the ” simplified RED ” function available on its website, which allows you to fill out the form independently. After logging in with Spid, Cie or other digital identity, you can access the function. Normally it is very simple, since all the necessary information is already entered and you just need to confirm the sending.

Furthermore, the function also serves to check whether or not you are obliged to fill out the form. In fact, after logging in, those who do not fall within the mandatory categories simply find the message: “There are no incomes to declare for the selected year”. Those who prefer not to proceed online , however, can rely on the INPS territorial structures, on a Caf or another affiliated entity, or even on the INPS toll-free number.

What happens in case of delays and what to do to remedy them

If the RED form is not sent in time – and the deadline for 2024 has passed on February 29th – the suspension of pension payments will be triggered for a period of sixty days . In these two months or so there is time to remedy this. Proceeding normally, from the INPS website or with the other methods already explained, you can send the declaration.

Anyone who proceeds within the sixty days will return to receiving their pension and other benefits from the following month. For payments that were not paid during the suspension period, however, there is nothing to be done: it is not possible to recover them . However, anyone who does not send the form within the sixty days will face the permanent suspension of payments.


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