ChatGpt now reads responses aloud


ChatGpt now reads responses aloud

ChatGpt now reads responses aloud. The option is called 'Read aloud' and is available in 37 different languages both in the web version and on the app and automatically detects the language of the text being read. Just now, the rival artificial intelligence model, Anthropic, has added new features.

According to ChatGpt's own parent company, OpenAI, which made the announcement of the new multimodal feature on that the chatbot reads the responses. Last September, ChatGpt already introduced a voice function that allows users to ask questions to the chatbot without having to type words on the keyboard, but simply using their voice.

The read aloud feature puts ChatGpt in competition with voice assistants and even competitors. Rival Anthropic, an artificial intelligence company founded by former OpenAI employees, announced the arrival of Claude 3 AI models: they are called Haiku, Sonnet, Hopus, the company describes them as faster and with better problem-solving capabilities mathematicians.

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