ChatGpt, now the OpenAI chatbot has the 'memory'


ChatGpt, now the OpenAI chatbot has the 'memory'
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One of the main shortcomings of Chat Gpt, the famous chatbot developed by Open AI, was memory. The artificial intelligence OpenAI has announced something new in this regard, namely the ability of the AI to “remember” previous interactions with the individual user. This way, you can tell the chatbot to memorize a particular aspect, to keep in mind for subsequent conversations.

An example provided by Open AI itself concerns its work, type and tasks. Thus, if you ask the program to draw up a bulleted list with the topics of the day, it will already know where to start again, suggesting useful information. To preserve the data provided, storage can be deactivated in the Chat Gpt settings, so that the artificial intelligence does not use the memories. Similarly, the chatbot can be told to forget previously remembered aspects, so as to reset what the AI knows and provide new instructions about it. The software house has trained Chat Gpt not to save chats with doctors, especially those involving sensitive information, even if the memory function is activated.

However, as the company explains “if you want to have a conversation without using memory, use temporary chat. Temporary chats will not appear in your history, will not use memory, and will not be used to train our models.” Developers who create custom chatbots, so-called Gpts, will also be able to include the memory option for their projects, but must provide a quick and easy way to disable it depending on user preferences.

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