There's mail for you, Tiziana seeks peace with her daughter and son-in-law Pompeo: "She didn't behave as she should"


There's mail for you, Tiziana seeks peace with her daughter and son-in-law Pompeo: "She didn't behave as she should"
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At You've Got Mail Maria De Filippi tries to heal the complex fracture between Tiziana and her daughter Francesca and Pompeo, the partner who introduced her to her and with whom she had a quarrel which gave rise to a breakdown in relations which led to a complete closure of the couple towards her, to the point of never letting her see her newborn granddaughter.

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At C'è Posta per te the story of Tiziana, who hasn't spoken to her daughter Francesca for almost two years. Years before Tiziana met Pompeo and took his story to heart, she helped him find a job where she works, she became fond of him, she also introduced him to her daughter Francesca and a love was born between the two, so much so that she welcomed Pompeo into her home as a son, accepting that the two are together, until Francesca becomes pregnant which she accepts favorably. After a few months her husband, from whom she is separated, calls her saying that Francesca and Pompeo had an accident. She goes berserk, calls Pompeo, verbally attacking him and telling him that if her pregnant daughter has problems, it's her fault.

She goes to the hospital, everything clears up and she forgets that phrase she said to Pompeo. From that moment on, when Francesca goes to visit her at home, Pompeo doesn't come up and doesn't speak to her. Relationships with her daughter become more complicated, until, after a few months, her granddaughter is born who she can never see. The situation becomes complicated, until Francesca decides to break ties with her mother, to the point of not wanting to see her when she gives birth. The reason, for Tiziana, is Pompeo himself who accuses her of having wronged him. Tiziana then calls the couple to mend the rift.

Tiziana's words

Francesca and Pompeo accept the invitation and to listen to Tiziana who, in tears, turns to her daughter: “Hi Francesca, I miss you so much, I miss everything about you. If I made a mistake in any way I'm sorry. I have a granddaughter who doesn't I don't even know, I would have really wanted to be a grandmother. I miss when you called me, I miss your laughter. I'm sorry if maybe I did something wrong, but you know that you and I were one.” Then he turns to Pompeo: “When I met you I immediately thought you were a good boy, I welcomed you into my house like a son, I made you food and I did your laundry. I introduced you to Francesca. Then you had a accident and I know I blamed you, but at that moment I was thinking about my daughter and her health. I think I don't deserve all this. My Andrea cries every day because he wants to see his sister and sometimes I don't know what to say.

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The reaction of Francesca and Pompeo

De Filippi explains the situation by explaining that since 2022 they have no longer had a relationship, he explains to her that the mother thinks everything arises from Pompeo's responsibility. “It was more me who was her mother than the other way around. Pompeo maintains: “She still hasn't understood her shortcomings. He makes a mistake with me when he makes his children and in particular her suffer. If as a mother you don't behave well with your children.” He claims that the woman had strong failings towards her daughter. “If you had loved me – says Francesca – you would have done everything to come to me. When I needed you, you weren't there. It was I who had to help you and not you me. I also acted as a shield for you more than once and I don't regret it, but since you're not there, what should I do?”. “I didn't tell her that Pompeo was offended with her to protect her”, adds Francesca in tears. Tiziana then wants to clarify to Pompeo: “I think I haven't behaved badly towards you, but if I need to apologize I will.” “I don't want to have anything to do with her because she doesn't deserve it”, adds Pompeo.

Francesca refuses to open the envelope: “I can't erase the past”

The situation, which would seem easy to resolve, however sees Francesca oppose any openness towards her mother, not taking into consideration the idea of opening the envelope: “I simply want to be a mother. I don't know if anything will change in a year or two , but now I want this.” Pompeo adds: “The problem is not Francesca, the fact is that even if she apologizes to us today, tomorrow will be like yesterday […] We distanced ourselves from her to keep ourselves calm and to keep our daughter calm.” For Francesca the biggest problem is the shadow of her father, with whom she has never had good relationships and who has caused her mother and therefore her so much suffering: “When my mother arrives, he arrives immediately after”. So he refuses to open the envelope: “I can't erase the past, it's still my mother but certain things remain.”


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