You've got mail, Lorella Cuccarini consoles Salvo: “My mother had cancer and I wasn't close to her”


You've got mail, Lorella Cuccarini consoles Salvo: “My mother had cancer and I wasn't close to her”

You've Got Mail 2024

Lorella Cuccarini was a guest on the episode of You've Got Mail broadcast on Saturday 2 March. Salvo surprised his mother Maddalena. He felt guilty towards her for not being there for her while she was dealing with breast cancer.

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You've Got Mail 2024

Lorella Cuccarini was a guest on the episode of You've Got Mail broadcast on Saturday 2 March. He helped Salvo surprise his mother Maddalena . The young man doubts that he is not a good son, because he left Maddalena alone when she was diagnosed with breast cancer . In reality he was terrified of losing her.

The story of Salvo and Maddalena

In May 2022, Salvo's brother informed him that their mother had been diagnosed with the same disease as their grandmother, breast cancer . Salvo, understandably, reacted very badly . First he fainted then ran to his mother, hugged her and cried. The fear of losing her paralyzed him. So, he became elusive with her and did nothing but cry, even when he was away from home. The mother underwent radiotherapy, hormonal treatments and the doctor said that the problem was no longer there , but since then Salvo has carried this burden because he should have helped her and he couldn't .

Salvo's tears, he feels guilty towards his mother Maddalena

Maddalena accepted the invitation and when she opened the envelope, she was thrilled to see that on the other side was her son Salvo. The young man burst into tears and spoke up:

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I couldn't wait for this envelope to be opened, to show you that I'm sitting here, mom. In recent days I have told you some well-intentioned lies so as not to ruin this surprise for you. It is precisely for the good that we have always given each other that I wanted to bring you here in front of me. We have always said everything to each other, mother, but today there is something in my heart that I can't tell you. And that's why I'm here.

Since Salvo was struggling, Maria De Filippi spoke up: ” I'll read you what he wrote first .” And he read the letter written by Salvo: ” You are my luck, I always had the impression that we were one. Except that in the most difficult and frightening moment of your life I left you alone . I don't give myself peace. It was May 2022 when you were struck by a bolt from the blue. Every time I heard you on the phone you asked me strange questions, like “Do you love me?”. When I returned to Vigevano, I discovered that you had the same illness as your grandmother. Here we are we hugged and cried , at a certain point you told me: ' You have to rest assured that your mother is strong '.” Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, Maddalena had to experience the hardest moments of the disease alone. Salvo still has in his mind the image of his mother who, at six in the morning, heads towards the hospital alone , while he, his brother and his father cry in the square. Then, some children gave Maddalena a necklace chosen by Salvo.

The meeting between Lorella Cuccarini and Maddalena

For Maddalena the worst is over: ” The doctors have declared you out of danger. Now I want to see you smile after so many tears. Look up towards the staircase, a special woman who you respect very much and who is here just to hug you is about to come down .” So, Lorella Cuccarini entered and hugged Maddalena tightly, then spoke and consoled Salvo:

This story is a concentrate of love. Salvo says he was little, but I think tonight he proved he's an adult. It's not easy for a boy to expose himself, demonstrate his weaknesses, his mistakes. It is proof of how important it is to untie every knot we have towards the people we love. Except you're not small, you're really big. It's not easy to metabolize this pain, the sense of frustration towards something you can't change. We feel helpless. But that's how you grow. It is important that children learn to manage this from a young age too. I think it was a moment of great growth for you.

Lorella Cuccarini's gift to Salvo and Maddalena

Lorella Cuccarini continued: ” Maddalena, I don't know you but seeing what Salvo did tonight, we understand what a mother you are, strong, courageous, great. Salvo, I'm sure there wasn't a single moment in which your mother thought you didn't love her .” And Maddalena confirmed: ” He is a golden son. You don't have to blame yourself because you are a special son” . Finally, Lorella Cuccarini gave a trip to the whole family:

I have a gift for all four of us, I think the time has come to live a beautiful experience together, in this envelope there is a journey, there is no destination or duration, you choose and I will take care of making sure that everything is organized in the best possible way. So you can finally live a little carefree.


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