Canton: '10 thousand accesses, there are others spying'


Canton: '10 thousand accesses, there are others spying'

Other abusive accesses to databases occurred despite the Perugia investigation, with new spies fueling the 'Reports of suspicious transactions' market even after the investigation opened on the financier Pasquale Striano.

In the Anti-Mafia parliamentary commission, the prosecutor Raffaele Cantone, owner of the Umbrian office, reveals the scope of a much broader investigation and lists numbers of a size that he defines as “monstrous” and “disturbing”: a sort of “vermin”.

Starting from the accesses of Lieutenant Pasquale Striano, the man at the center of the investigation into the alleged dossiers, who in almost four years consulted 4,124 'SOS' entries in the Siva database, entering the names of 1,531 people: considering the rest of the consultations to the other databases, there are over ten thousand accesses, but the “number is destined to grow further significantly”.

The downloads are even triple: the financier downloaded 33,528 files from the systems of the national Anti-Mafia directorate, for which he served. And with these figures Cantone admits his fears: “what happened to the documents taken? How much of this information can also be useful to foreign secret services?”.

The case has revealed vulnerabilities in several databases that could expose national security to risk.
There is an ongoing discussion – in which Copasir could also contribute – to define a review of the procedures for managing and accessing sensitive material. Even if there is no evidence that Striano had relations with 007 from other countries or individuals abroad, the risk cannot be ruled out that the dissemination of confidential files jeopardizes the security of the State, so much so that the Canton itself and the national prosecutor anti-mafia Giovanni Melillo (heard the day before in the commission) were also heard today by Copasir, again at their request.

At the end of the hearings, Senator Licia Ronzulli (FI) underlined the danger: “at the moment information is the new gold and the fact that there are thousands of data on the market that we don't know where they are, may have gone to foreign services, in the hands of private companies, is worrying not only from a political point of view, but above all from a national security point of view.”

Beyond the lieutenant's relationships with journalist friends who, according to hypotheses, would have commissioned the searches (Striano may have deleted many elements from his cell phone, including at least a chat with one of them), the spotlight is now on the possible network of the soldier, investigated together with the deputy anti-mafia prosecutor Antonio Laudati. “We know that Striano operated in a pool, he was the coordinator. There were other accesses to the 'SOS' during this phase and we continue to have unauthorized access to other databases – explains the Perugia prosecutor -. There is a strong suspicion, but there is still no proof of the instigator.”

The owner of the investigation is convinced that “the 'SOS' market has not stopped at all” and for this reason another line of investigation has been opened which could further expand the gate dossier, already sent to the Rome prosecutors. “We have sensational proof – reveals Cantone -. During the first leak, a reference came out to an 'SOS' regarding an entrepreneur who would have had dealings with the Minister of Defence, that report had not been seen by Striano.

There was someone who continued to sell reports of suspicious operations under the counter.” After all, it could not have been the lieutenant under investigation, who in the meantime was transferred elsewhere to a non-operational assignment. “I was amazed by the fact that during that phase like this intense attention that there was another unauthorized access which was certainly not done by the financier, which means that the mechanism was not secured”. And a second leak of information in this investigation has also “damaged the investigation”.

All those investigative impulses left opaquely by Striano remain: “he presented a sort of diary of all the open cases and we also acquired others, including that on the League's funds, which is one of the objects of future in-depth analysis” , specifies the prosecutor.

Whether they can be defined as acts of dossier gathering or not, according to Cantone it is not up to him to say because “the function of the prosecutor is to identify the existence of crimes, not to deal with the phenomena”, but “what Striano carried out is certainly a frantic search for information “. But there are not only investigative hypotheses on the commission's bench. Today's hearing was also born from the prosecutor's need “to restore the truth about the facts that were said in this phase and to intervene to protect a sacred institution such as the national anti-mafia prosecutor's office”.

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