Bugo takes Morgan to trial after Sanremo 2020: "He has seriously compromised my reputation"


Bugo takes Morgan to trial after Sanremo 2020: "He has seriously compromised my reputation"
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Today begins the criminal trial brought by Bugo against Morgan following the events of Sanremo 2020, when the former left the stage after his colleague changed the words of the song.

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Bugo and Morgan at Sanremo 2020 (LaPresse)

The aftermath between Bugo and Morgan of the 2020 Sanremo Festival continues today and not only on social media, where the two singer-songwriters have been throwing digs at each other for years. The scene of Bugo leaving the stage while Morgan, after changing the words of the song (“The bad intentions, the rudeness, your bad figure from last night”), pretends to wonder what's happening has become History of Italian television, with Fiorello who intervenes to help the presenter Amadeus in the midst of a surreal scene, with the two songwriters abandoning the scene, leaving a void in the live broadcast and Italy with its mouth open, trying to understand what had happened. Today that story continues, yes, but in the courtrooms, as the Bugo press office recalls with a press release.

Cristian Bugatti's entourage, in fact, recalls that “today, Tuesday 20 February, at the Court of Imperia, the criminal trial is being held involving Cristian Bugatti, aka BUGO, and Marco Castoldi, aka MORGAN, the latter sued for defamation in relation to the events that occurred during the 2020 Sanremo Festival”. For now, however, the only voice is that of Bugo while Morgan is also silent on social media, at least for the moment. For Bugo, therefore, “today's hearing marks an important moment in the legal journey he undertook 4 years ago, forced to sue Morgan for having seriously compromised his reputation and his work”.

In short, Bugo believes that what happened that evening damaged his reputation when he was only trying to promote his music. The press note, in fact, continues as follows: “Bugo, a singer-songwriter with a 24-year career, has always stood out for his dedication to music, committing himself to offering the public the best of himself. After the events that occurred on the occasion of the Sanremo 2020, Bugo has never sought public conflict or controversy, but was forced to take this legal action to defend his dignity and his emotional and professional well-being.”

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The main problem would be the fact that Morgan would have repeatedly denigrated the image of the colleague with whom he had chosen to compete for the Festival with “Sincero” of which, as is known, he changed the words without Bugo's knowledge, after a quarrel that had previously occurred: “Several times Morgan has appeared in public contexts denigrating the image of his colleague – says the note -. Bugo now relies on justice, so that light is shed on this situation and the facts are re-established according to truth and fairness”. Last year Bugo once again asked Morgan not to talk about him in public, after the latter had accused him of bullying, while a few days ago Morgan had attempted to backtrack, apologizing and imagining he could return to the stage together.


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