Brian Eno announces soundtrack for ‘Eno’ documentary, shares new track

Aprilia Rine

Brian Eno announces soundtrack for ‘Eno’ documentary, shares new track
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Brian Eno has announced the official soundtrack for his upcoming documentary film, Eno.

The musician took to social media to announce the documentary’s accompanying soundtrack, which is due for release digitally on April 19, and on physical in North America and Mexico on June 7 – pre-order your copy now.


The soundtrack will consist of 17 tracks, featuring “work from early solo outings, acclaimed collaborations with the likes of David Bryne, John Cale, Cluster and more recently, Fred again… all the way through to music from his latest album, ‘FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE’, and his 2022 appearance at the Acropolis in Athens with brother Roger.”

The record will also include three previously unreleased songs – one of which, titled Lighthouse #429′ has now been shared. Listen to the track below.

The Eno documentary – helmed by Gary Hustwit – premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It is due to premiere in the UK on April 20, with a post-film conversation featuring Eno, Hustwit and Brendan Dawes.

Fans pre-ordering the album between now and February 21, 4pm GMT will receive an exclusive code that will give them a chance to obtain early access to the UK premiere.

Eno relies on the aid of AI, which will randomise the layout of the film, every time it is screened – resulting in a new viewing experience every time. “The use of randomness to pattern the layout of the film seemed likely to override any hagiographic impulses,” Eno said to Variety earlier this year.


In May 2023, Eno teamed up with Fred Again.. to release the collaborative album ‘Secret Life’. That album scored a three-star review from Will Richards for NME. Richards wrote: “This surprise album – despite its frequent beauty – works best as a puzzle piece rather than a standout record in its own right.”


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