Back and forth in the Chamber, Salvini: “There have been delays for thirty years”. Renzi: “It's an attack on Berlusconi”


Back and forth in the Chamber, Salvini: “There have been delays for thirty years”. Renzi: “It's an attack on Berlusconi”
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Matteo Salvini said in the Senate that the Meloni government is making up for the delays of “thirty years” of failed investments. Matteo Renzi responded from the Chamber: “The attack on the person who has governed more than anyone in the last thirty years, Silvio Berlusconi, is ungenerous and inelegant.” Salvini also announced a new proposal for a building amnesty, for “small internal discrepancies”.

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Matteo Salvini appeared in the Senate to answer the question time questions and touched on various topics: he announced that the final project for the bridge over the Strait of Messina has been updated, and he launched the new building amnesty on which the League will work, for “small internal discrepancies”. First of all, however, he had a heated exchange with Matteo Renzi, who had questioned him about the PNRR funds managed by his ministry.

Renzi: “Thirty years of delays? Berlusconi has governed more than anyone, it is ungenerous to attack him”

The former Prime Minister asked if there was a risk of “not spending all the money we are receiving with the Pnrr”, accusing Salvini of the fact that he, openly opposed to the European Union, finds himself managing billions of community funds . At the beginning of his response, the Transport Minister attacked: “In these fifteen months of government we are recovering decades of missed investments by the governments you presided over and by the left-wing parties presided over by you. It is clear that in fifteen months you will not recover thirty years , but it seems to me that this majority is giving a sign.”

In the reply, however, Renzi contested: “You said that in the last thirty years I have governed: I hadn't noticed. You have been in government for more days than I have been. I remember that in the last legislature you ruled for three and a half out of four and a half years, only for one year were we able to send her home.” To then add: “Above all, your attack on the Prime Minister who has governed more than anyone in the last thirty years, who is called Silvio Berlusconi and who represented the majority of which you were also part, seems ungenerous and inelegant to me.”

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Salvini's building amnesty proposal

Then responding to a question dedicated to housing problems, the minister first said that for public housing we are working on fixing “around 100 thousand homes”, faced with a need “of at least 250 thousand homes”. Then he changed the subject, dedicating himself to “a huge problem that is clogging up municipal technical offices throughout Italy”. That is, houses with construction irregularities that must be put in order before being sold or bought.

Salvini immediately specified: “We are talking about internal discrepancies. It is clear that illegal properties in areas at hydrogeological risk, on the slopes of volcanoes, in protected areas, are out of the question and must absolutely be eliminated”. The amnesty , however, would concern “small internal differences: the dressing room, the wall, the extra bedroom if your child is born, the window, the mezzanine, the veranda”. For this reason, he announced, “we are working on a bill” which should intervene “on constructive intolerances of partial internal discrepancies”. In fact, it would be an intervention to allow people to pay to remedy irregularities, instead of correcting them: it would allow local authorities to collect a quantity of money that they would otherwise never collect”.

Bridge over the Strait, final project updated: “Work begins in 2024”

Finally, Salvini responded regarding the bridge over the Strait of Messina. Today the final project of the work was officially updated, and now we will proceed to review the executive project. The minister said that “the effects on employment and greater wealth thanks to the bridge” will be “distributed throughout the national territory: the first Region for increased GDP and jobs created will be my Lombardy”. Then he reiterated the deadlines: “The intention is to open the construction sites by 2024 and open to road and rail traffic in 2032, the same year in which the first train will cross the Turin-Lyon TAV and the new metro will start in Rome This is how decarbonization is done, not by imposing made-in-China electric cars by law.”


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