Third term proposal rejected, majority split


Third term proposal rejected, majority split
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The Senate Constitutional Affairs Committee rejects the third mandate for governors, the majority is split. The parliamentarians of Fratelli d'Italia and Forza Italia vote against the amendment to the electoral decree with which the League attempted to pave the way for Luca Zaia's re-nomination in Veneto. The final result is overwhelming: the votes in favor of the Northern League proposal are only four, the no votes are 16.

Only Italia Viva stands alongside the Northern League senators. The opposition, with FdI and Fi, rejected the amendment, with Pd, M5s and Avs united in voting against it. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni recalls that the third mandate “was not included in the government programme” and reassures: “it is not a matter that creates problems for the majority”. But the League doesn't give up. The president of Veneto Zaia is keen to point out that “the road is still very long”. And to confirm that via Bellerio there is no intention of letting the government allies win, the secretary and deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini takes care of it. Who warns: “it will be discussed in the Chamber of Parliament which is sovereign”.

A phrase launched shortly after the split in the Commission and in which many read the hypothesis that the League could re-present the amendment when the decree arrives in the Chamber of Palazzo Madama. An eventuality that according to some would lead to a head-on collision in the majority. “Because failure in the Commission is one thing, but going to the redde rationem in the Chamber is much more difficult”, explains someone in Transatlantico. According to the Venetian League senator Paolo Tosato, vice-president of the Commission, however, it would be a hypothesis that at the moment does not frighten at least part of the party.

“We will re-present our proposals – explains Tosato – and we will try to convince our majority allies to review their positions” .
On the part of Fdi and Fi there is the hope that with the vote in the Commission we can write the word “end” to days of bickering and friction with the League. Hence the attempt to keep the tone low, starting with the prime minister, who speaks of “different opinions” and discussions “in maximum serenity”. This is echoed by the Minister for Relations with Parliament Luca Ciriani of FdI, when he recalls that “these things happen, but the government's activity is not affected in the slightest”. “No lacerations”, assures Forza Italia with Maurizio Gasparri. The League itself avoided having an impact with the executive, withdrawing in the Commission the amendment on the third mandate for mayors for municipalities with more than 15 thousand inhabitants for which the government had received a negative opinion.

And there are those who point out that even within the League, not everyone would agree to go toe-to-toe. Following the line of the president of Friuli Venezia-Giulia Massimiliano Fedriga, who had already invited the discussion to be reopened after the European elections, there would also be a group of parliamentarians, including the group leader in the Senate Massimiliano Romeo, who stayed away from the tensions in Commission.

Tensions that also reverberate in the opposition camp. Pd and M5s point the finger at the divisions within the majority. But there are those who, like Enrico Borghi of Italia Viva, rail against “the stupidity of the wide field”.

In the party led by Matteo Renzi, in fact, there was the hope of driving the other oppositions towards a vote in favor of the measure, so as to write a “total defeat of the prime minister”.

But the Dems, after heated meetings and bitter internal debates, ultimately choose to change the line of non-participation in the vote and turn towards the vote against, already announced by M5s and Avs.

With the result, however, of not having “safeguarded the unity of the party”, as highlighted by the reformist wing led by president Stefano Bonaccini, and supported by the Dem mayors in favor of the third term.

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