Bledar Dedja killed in the Paderno woods, the 17-year-old killer: "He was blackmailing me for private meetings"


Bledar Dedja killed in the Paderno woods, the 17-year-old killer: "He was blackmailing me for private meetings"

Bledar Dedja would have been killed by a 17-year-old who no longer wanted to submit to continuous sexual blackmail. The minor killer allegedly spoke to the investigators for three hours, recounting the details of the blackmail to which he felt forced to submit.

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The 17-year-old who has been in Treviso prison since yesterday for the murder of 39-year-old Bledar Dedja, a family man from Casella d'Asolo, was interrogated for three hours. According to what emerged from the initial investigations and interrogation, the man had a double life: the first as a father of two small children, the second made up of meetings with other men arranged with a second cell phone, kept hidden from his wife. The examination of the smartphone revealed that meetings had also been arranged with minors. Among these there would also have been the 17 year old now in prison, assisted by the lawyer Elisa Berton.

The agreed meetings with minors were also confirmed by the examination of the second cell phone with names, places and any prices for paid relationships. The 17-year-old is accused of killing Bledar with 16 blows in a grove in Paderno del Grappa. The fatal blow had been struck from behind and would have punctured the lung . The 39-year-old's body was discovered on the morning of January 21st.

At the basis of the murder, according to what has been leaked so far, there would be blackmail carried out by the 39-year-old against the minor who had met him when, during a period of school internship, he had worked side by side with Dedja. According to initial information, the 17-year-old had been dragged into a round of erotic chats, meetings and apps to arrange dates with other men. With one of these apps, the 39-year-old and the minor had arranged to meet for Saturday 20 January . The man had gone to pick up the 17-year-old in the square of Paderno del Grappa and then, still in his car, the two had reached the grove.

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A trap date, according to the prosecution, to kill the 39-year-old and get rid of a blackmail that the 17-year-old no longer wanted to suffer. After the murder, the teenager fled on foot. In the meantime, searches continue to locate the knife used in the murder, the keys to the car found locked and the blood-stained clothes that the 17-year-old was wearing at the time of the murder.


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