Biden brags to aides about his sex life, new book claims

Aprilia Rine

Biden brags to aides about his sex life, new book claims
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The US president reportedly believes that “good sex” is key to a happy marriage, but has been accused of far more sinister escapades

US President Joe Biden often tells his aides that “good sex” has helped him maintain his 47-year marriage to his wife Jill, according to a new book about the first lady. Biden has a long history of oversharing with reporters, and an equally long history of unwanted groping and alleged sexual assault.

Biden’s comment was one of several in which he boasted to his associates about his libidinous ways, New York Times journalist Katie Rogers wrote in ‘American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady’. Set for release on Tuesday, an advance copy was seen by the Daily Mail.

In another example, Biden proclaimed to a group of Democrats in 2006 that while he intended to run for president, he’d “rather be at home making love to my wife while my children are asleep.”

Biden has bragged about his bedroom performances before. Back in 1974, the then-senator told the Washingtonian magazine how his late wife Neila “had the best body of any woman I ever saw,” and how the rigors of the campaign trail meant that he “might satisfy her in bed but I didn’t have much time for anything else.”

Reacting to Biden’s braggadocio, conservative commentators suspected that the 81-year-old president may be exaggerating. “Joe Biden who can’t climb the stairs without falling, says the secret to his marriage is ‘good sex.’ Really,” ‘Outkick’ founder Clay Travis wrote on X. “F**king the entire country doesn’t count!” Donald Trump Jr. chimed in.

Among those reacting to the story was Tara Reade, who called Biden a “disgusting rapist.” A former Senate aide and RT contributor, Reade alleged in 2020 that Biden pressed her against a wall in 1993 and sexually assaulted her. In a 2021 interview, Biden said that the incident “never happened.”

Videos of Biden inappropriately touching women and children have circulated for years, and the Democrat was accused of unwanted groping and kissing by seven women in 2019. Biden, who at the time was preparing to announce his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election, issued a public apology and promised to “be more mindful about respecting personal space in the future.”

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In an entry to a diary believed by the US Justice Department to be genuine, Biden’s daughter, Ashley, wrote about taking “showers [with my] dad” as a child, saying that these encounters were “probably not appropriate.”

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