Bianca Balti, I will give social freezing to my 21 year old daughter


Bianca Balti, I will give social freezing to my 21 year old daughter

“I said to my daughter: ‘when you’re 21 I’ll give you social freezing, so you don’t think about it anymore, you make your own life and when you want to get pregnant you already have everything you need'”. Bianca Balti revealed this in a live Instagram broadcast, speaking with her followers about the procedure that allows the cryopreservation of oocytes to possibly access assisted procreation.

“Does stimulation with needles hurt? I’m needlephobic, I faint when I have to take blood samples. But the needle used for stimulation is so small that you manage to overcome the terror of needles. And you rediscover an incredible strength within you after this experience”, added Balti, 40 years old on March 19th, mother of Matilde, born in 2007 from her marriage to Cristian Lucidi, and Mia, born in 2015, from her union with Matthew McRae.

She herself, she recalled, resorted to this technique: “For me this was a choice that gave me freedom, especially in my case of not staying in a relationship just for fear of not being able to have my third motherhood. A investment we make in ourselves. The fact is that we women are not used to doing it without feelings of guilt.” And he underlined, among other things, that “it would be fantastic” if social freezing “were free for everyone, so as not to have the pressure of the biological clock. In life we need to think about what is important to us”.

“Talk about it, talk about it, because there is really nothing taboo: science is at our service. Science at the service of women is still particularly taboo, see abortion or social freezing. But there is nothing wrong , let’s always remember this”, underlined the supermodel.

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