Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti have been parents for a year, she: “Marriage? Five years together and still nothing”


Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti have been parents for a year, she: “Marriage? Five years together and still nothing”
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Guests of the Saturday 24 February episode of Verissimo were Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti . The two became Noa Alexander's parents last year and, in fact, they are in Silvia Toffanin 's living room to talk about these first twelve months together with their child. There is no shortage of moments of hilarity and even the arrival of some promises of love that will have to be kept.

The first year as parents

Bianca Atezei and Stefano Corti, more in love than ever, talk about the joy of becoming parents: ” A big, immense change” says the singer, answering the question about a first assessment of this year as a mother, which Corti joins: ” Beautiful result, I must say that I am lucky, because Bianca is a mother with a big M, she is committed, she studies, when there is a problem she always knows the solution”. For Stefano Corti this is his second fatherhood, in fact he has a 16 year old son:

I must say that I am grateful to have had a second chance, because the first one was characterized by this distance, now I am enjoying it more.

And this is in fact what emerges from the images projected on the screens of Verissimo's studio, where the well-known face of Le Iene can be seen, intent on looking after his son at every moment: “It's true that I melt, it's inexplicable, I can't transform this thing in words.”

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Stefano Corti and Bianca Atzei talk about a future marriage

But Silvia Toffanin also investigates the dynamics of the couple, asking the two if the fact of becoming parents has in some way damaged their relationship: ” The child helps us a lot in this sense, we try to contain ourselves so as not to transmit tension”. Furthermore, the singer reveals that since she gave birth Corti has been asking her to have another child: ” But I told him that if it were to happen, we must first write a contract of the things he must do. Starting with foot massages which in the first pregnancy it never did to me .” The presenter, therefore, is surprised by the fact that her guest's request is only that of a massage: ” I was thinking of a marriage proposal ” and Bianca: ” We have been together for five years, we have a son, but nothing about that yet “. Corti then jokes:

Maybe it's coming, maybe it's coming. When you least expect it, sooner or later it arrives, when life stops smiling at you it arrives. Jokes aside, he will come, also because I am the youngest of his teammates.

Bianca Atzei confirms: ” It's true that you are the youngest, but before that there was nothing important, the only important person was Stefano.”


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