Bhavna Chauhan, Kishu Of Ranveer Singh’s Viral Ad, Reacts To Rashami Desai’s Criticism

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Bhavna Chauhan, Kishu Of Ranveer Singh’s Viral Ad, Reacts To Rashami Desai’s Criticism
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Ranveer Singh shared this image. (courtesy: RanveerSingh)

New Delhi:

Ever since Ranveer Singh’s advert of a men’s health brand released, it has become a talk of the town. In the viral advertisement, Ranveer Singh and adult film actor Johnny Sins acted with television actor Bhavna Chauhan. Bhavna, who played the female lead Kishu in the commercial, reacted to Rashami Desai’s observation to the advert in an interview with India Today. Speaking on the backlash the advert received by a section of the Internet, she said, “They are marketers and understand the ripple effect of such things. Honestly, the original script was funnier but they altered it accordingly. The intention has always been to make it look like a normal scene from a TV show so that it’s viewed casually by everyone at home. They wanted the topic to be normalised.”

Bhavna added in the same interview that she doesn’t disregard Rashami as an actor. However, coming from the television background, she doesn’t believe that TV was disrespected during the making of the ad. She told India Today, “Koi mazaak nahi udaaya hai (No one made fun of the TV industry).”

ICYDK, the advert is a spoof of the overtly dramatized style of Indian television shows. Television star Rashami Desai shared a long note stating that the advert felt like a “slap.” She began the note with these words, “I’ve started my work from a regional film industry. And then I started working in television industry. Ppl call it a small screen. Where normal people watch news, cricket, all #Bollywood film also and much more (sic).”

Ms Desai added in her note, “After watching this reel, which is highly unexpected, I felt its a humiliation to all the TV industry and people who work in television. Coz we are always made feel small and treated like 1. Actors really wanna work on big screen too. This is exactly how we get treated. Everyone is working hard.”

She added in her note, “But I am sorry TV show pe yeh sab nahi dikhate. This all happens on big screen. And nothing wrong in showing some reality but this a reality check for all the TV industry coz I feel its a slap. Maybe I am overreacting but we show culture and love to our audience. And I’m hurt coz I have had a respectful journey in the TV industry. Hope you all will understand the emotion. #msorryfornotbeingsorry.”

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Bhavna Chauhan is popular for show like Razia Sultan. She has also acted in films like Hasee Toh Phasee, Shikara. 


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