Attack on Capitol Hill, Trump is eligible for the Supreme Court


Attack on Capitol Hill, Trump is eligible for the Supreme Court

With a unanimous decision, the American Supreme Court saves Donald Trump by declaring him eligible in Colorado , one of the 16 states (as well as one territory) that votes on March 5 on Super Tuesday, the session with the highest number of primaries and delegates up for grabs that the tycoon is now preparing to make a splash by mortgaging the nomination. The nine wise men upheld the former president's appeal of the state Supreme Court's decision to ban him for his role in the storming of the Capitol under the 14th Amendment, which bars officials involved in insurrections against the Constitution from holding public office. The judges did not go into the merits of the role of the tycoon but established that only Congress, and not the states, has the authority to remove a presidential candidate by invoking the “insurrection clause” of the constitution. Otherwise, they warned, there would be a risk of chaos, with decisions varying from state to state and with different timescales. The ruling will also apply to appeals pending in other states, including Maine and Illinois.

“A great decision, a great victory for America”, Trump exulted on his Truth social network, presenting it as a sentence that “is not for me but for future presidents”. Now the next step will be “the granting of presidential immunity”, he added from Mar-a-Lago, referring to the decision that the Supreme Court must make in the federal trial for his attempts to subvert the 2020 vote, which culminated in the assault on Congress. An appeal that is more difficult to win but which still allows him to postpone the start of the debate until the summer, when he will probably already have the nomination for the Republican convention in his pocket.

Meanwhile, Trump is ready to fill up with delegates on Super Tuesday, where according to polls he is ahead everywhere, including Texas and California, the most populous American states, which offer the highest number of delegates. According to the Real Clear Politics average, in the Golden State Trump outperforms Haley by 53 points, while his advantage in Texas would be as much as 70%. The former president already has 247 delegates and on March 5th he will have the lion's share of the 874 available. By mid-March he plans to mathematically secure the nomination, exceeding half of the 2,429 delegates up for grabs. An impossible mission for the only remaining challenger, Nikki Haley, stuck at 43 delegates with the 19 won on Sunday in the capital (62.9% to 33.2%), so far her first success in this race and first victory in the US history of a woman in a Republican primary. The former ambassador tried to ride the triumph as a demonstration that “the Republicans closest to dysfunctional Washington reject Trump and all his chaos.” But the tycoon, who always presents himself as an anti-establishment leader, had a good hand in painting her as “the queen of the swamp” (as the DC is nicknamed), “crowned only by the lobbyists and insiders of the capital who want to protect the failing status quo “.

However, everyone is wondering what Haley will do to not get politically burned after Super Tuesday, and especially after saying that she no longer feels obliged to support the 'nominee' of what has become “Trump's party, no longer what it once was “. Three scenarios: the most unlikely is that he is negotiating to obtain the vice-presidency (but the more extremist Maga wing doesn't want it); the second is that she remains in the race trusting in the tycoon's legal troubles (but the party base is not with her and the delegates may not vote for her at the convention); the third is that he runs as an independent (not with the 'No Label', which he has already excluded), compromising Trump's chances of victory.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden confided to the New Yorker that he is confident of winning in 2024, despite the worst polls ever: “I'm the only one who has ever beaten him. And I will beat him again”, he assured, recalling how the Cassandras are already been proven wrong in the 2020, 2022 and even 2023 elections. “I'm running again because I'm really proud of what I've done and I want to continue it… most of what I've done is just now paying off,” he explained . But he fears Trump will contest the outcome of the vote if he loses: “Losers are never nice. I just think he'll do everything he can to try to win. If I win, I think he'll contest it. It doesn't matter what the outcome is.”

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