Aphex Twin clarifies his stance on vaccines once again

Aprilia Rine

Aphex Twin clarifies his stance on vaccines once again

Aphex Twin has once again clarified his stance on vaccines, after an old note of his resurfaced that seems to promote conspiracy theories. 

A Reddit user recently came across an ID3 tag apparently written by the electronic musician, real name Richard D. James, in 2014. It read: “vaccines are poisonous, mercury, aluminum can+ autism, cancer”, while also referencing other conspiracies involving 9/11, chemtrails and others. 

Responding to the tag, James has since taken to Soundcloud to shed some light on the matter (via Stereogum). “Hello, got a few messages regarding some txt I apparently put in an id3 tag,” he began.  


“I put random things in id3 tags sometimes but this one about vaccines has been changed. When you get known, people will try and bring you down, comes with the territory. I recommend trying to find common ground with your fellow humans, rather than dividing yourself into smaller and smaller groups.” 

“My thoughts on vaccines for what it’s worth is that I’m not against them in principle but you should look at them on a case by case basis, see what’s in them, do your research and decide if it’s right for you or your loved ones, it’s up to the individual whether you have them or not.” 

Back in 2020, the musician was also forced to clarify his remarks after he left a comment on his Soundcloud that read: “You stupid tin foil hat wearing idiot’, said the person wearing a 2 month old soggy mask”. 

James followed up after receiving some criticism, saying: “I definitely don’t think Covid is a hoax, I’m just very worried about the erosion of civil and human rights and how we are to get them back.” 

He also went on to cast aspersions on the UK government’s social sanctions during Covid, which at that point did not allow for more than six people to gather in one location. “I mean what if we the people are not happy about any other government policies? We now can’t have more than 6 people in a protest, what are we to do?” 


Aphex Twin released his latest EP ‘Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760’ back in July last year, his first new music in five years. The EP’s lead track was later included on NME’s 50 Best Songs of 2023. The EP also spawned its own augmented reality app. 


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