Ankita Lokhande On Rumours Of Divorce From Vicky Jain: “Stop Judging Us”

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Ankita Lokhande On Rumours Of Divorce From Vicky Jain: “Stop Judging Us”

Image instagrammed by Ankita Lokhande. (courtesy: AnkitaLokhande)

New Delhi:

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain, whose relationship underwent a sea of changes on the show Bigg Boss 17, have been trending a great deal even though they haven’t emerged as the winners. Ankita Lokhande, in a recent interview with News 18, addressed the issue of speculations that have been hovering around her relationship with Vicky Jain. She told News 18, “Once I came out, there was media, questions. There was a pressure. Nobody is putting that pressure on you but you feel pressured. People are judging your relationship. We know what kind of relationship we share. We know our bond very well. There (Bigg Boss 17 house) I said certain things, he (Vicky Jain) said certain things. I don’t want people to judge us on that because I am not judging any relationship.” Vicky and Ankita’s divorce rumours have been doing the rounds since the show went off air.

Reacting to people’s negative comments about her relationship, Ankita Lokhande added, “I am not in any competition. I am not a perfect person but I am good for myself and my relationship. Couples fight at their homes but we do not see it. We did not know that we would fight this much because we never had any problems. Our fights started there (Bigg Boss house) and ended there. Now people are like, ‘How are they together?’ People are commenting on divorce, putting us down. Stop judging us, guys. Live your life the way you want to live and let us live our life.”

Emphasizing her bond with Vicky, Ankita told News 18, “I want to tell everyone that there is nothing wrong. We fought there. It is normal. It is okay. We are Tom and Jerry. We are like that. We are more of buddies. It is okay.”  Ankita said that their bond has become stronger with the passage of time. Speaking of the negativity and allegations Vicky Jain faced, Ankita said, “It bothered me a lot but I think Vicky has handled it with a lot of dignity. There were several allegations against him but I think, when you know that your relationship is strong, nobody can shake it. That’s why we both are together right now and we will be together.”

A couple of days back, Ankita Lokhande shared a few images with husband Vicky Jain. In the pictures, Ankita can be seen dressed in her festive best while Vicky Jain wears a kurta set. Ankita wrote in the caption, “Even though we never said it to each other..WE KNEW” and dropped a love emoji. Take a look:

Ankita and her husband Vicky Jain participated in Bigg Boss 17. While Ankita bagged a spot in the top four contenders, Vicky got evicted just before the finale.Ankita Lokhande stepped into Bollywood in 2019 with Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi. She also starred in Baaghi 3, which featured Tiger Shroff in the lead role.


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