Angelina Mango: “Tonight I sing La Rondine because I want to pay homage and respect to my father”


Angelina Mango: “Tonight I sing La Rondine because I want to pay homage and respect to my father”

The protagonist of the 2024 Sanremo Festival reveals in the live Instagram of why she chose to sing La rondine di Mango: “I thought it might be right to pay honor and respect to the figure of my father”.

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Angelina Mango is the great protagonist of the Sanremo Festival 2024. The singer of “La noia”, a great candidate for the final victory, intervened during the fourth Instagram live broadcast of to comment and take stock of her journey, but above all to talk about this evening. In the evening of the covers, in fact, he will sing “La rondine” thus paying homage to his father Mango , who tragically passed away on stage in 2014: “I want to use this opportunity to pay homage to my father, this is what I thought when I decided which song sing”.

Why Angelina Mango chose to sing La Rondine

Angelina Mango was reflecting on all the great songs of Italian songwriting , she didn't immediately start thinking of making a cover of her father's works. Then, however, he realized that perhaps it was the right thing to do:

I was in the studio and thinking about the cover. I wanted to bring something beautiful and I was looking among the songs of Italian singer-songwriters in general, not necessarily my father's. I was trying a lot of things and while I was in the studio, at a certain point, it occurred to me that I don't know if I will ever return to Sanremo in my life and this is the opportunity I have for the moment and I want to make the most of it. Better. I want to use this opportunity to pay homage to my father, that's what I thought at that moment.

So, she sat down at the piano and began to follow “La rondine”, a 2002 song from the album Disincanto :

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I was thinking about the whole repertoire and when I started singing it on the piano, I totally fell in love with the soul of this song. I said to myself: it's her and it's right that she sings this one.

Angelina Mango first in the ranking: “I didn't expect it”

As for the song in the competition, ” La noia “, Angelina Mango did not expect first place: “I didn't expect it, I thought the stage intimidated me and instead it has been my friend so far. I had fun. I arrived always on stage to have fun, to communicate. It's my home, it's my place and I want to enjoy it, I thought so.”

We decided to do a special thing with Dardust and Madame, the song drove me crazy and I had no doubts about that. I had doubts about myself, about managing everything. I didn't believe it. I never thought of myself high in the rankings, it was never in my thoughts and still isn't. What has happened so far is a wonderful satisfaction, it would have been beyond the rankings.

“Before going on stage I feel hyperactive”

How do you get over the moment before a performance? Here is Angelina's recipe: “What happens before going up? I get a little paralyzed, I feel a little hyperactive. I don't understand myself at certain moments. As soon as you get there, you feel like rocking. So I sing. I sing about it and it's a way to breathe. When I go, nothing can affect me.” And on musical influences and styles: “I want to mix everything I like. Stromae, but also Maro. Music is a place where I never have to feel obliged to do things. I think there is also a bit of tradition in my song, melancholic melodies that recall the Neapolitan tradition”.


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