Andreea Rabciuc, the owner of the farmhouse where the body was: "The window was broken, no one saw anything"


Andreea Rabciuc, the owner of the farmhouse where the body was: "The window was broken, no one saw anything"

Andreea Rabciuc disappeared in Jesi

Who saw it? the owner of the farmhouse where Andreea Rabciuc's body was found: “Five days after the girl's disappearance, on March 16, 2022, I asked the police to check a window that had been broken. They stayed inside for less than 10 minutes, they didn't notice anything strange.”

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Andreea Rabciuc disappeared in Jesi

“On Wednesday 16 March, 5 days after Andreea's disappearance, I came to the farmhouse because my brother told me he had noticed a broken window. During the journey I met the police who were looking for the girl and I asked them if they could come and give take a look at that window. Three vehicles came with me, I remember that the Civil Protection was also there. They stayed in the farmhouse for less than 10 minutes , after which they told me that they hadn't noticed anything strange .”

Speaking is Moreno , the owner of the farmhouse where last January 20th human remains were found which could belong to Andreea Rabciuc, the former archery champion who disappeared on March 11th two years ago and whose lost track. DNA confirmation is still missing, but there would now be little doubt that that body is Andreea's.


Interviewed by Who saw it? , in the episode aired on Rai 3 on Wednesday 31 January, the man recalled what happened in the days immediately preceding and following the girl's disappearance. “I entered the farmhouse on Friday, the day before Andreea's disappearance, I had come here to do some work on a plant, but I didn't notice anything strange. The window that I remember was intact”, said the man, who specifies that the following Monday, therefore days after the young woman's disappearance, his brother warned him that there was a broken window.

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On Wednesday, Moreno went to personally check that window and let some members of the police enter the farmhouse, but they didn't notice anything strange: “They stayed inside for less than 10 minutes. Then I fixed that window .”

Has Andreea's body always been in the farmhouse? Or did someone take him there? These are just some of the questions investigators are trying to answer in Andreea's case.

Among the still unsolved mysteries relating to the affair there is also that of a writing that was also found inside the farmhouse, on a beam . It would have been written with a marker and would have consisted of several words, which however have not yet been revealed to the press. Precisely that writing, together with a scarf, would lead towards the direction of a self-harming gesture, but the conditional is a must .

Added to this is that from the results of the CT scan carried out on the bones found there were no signs of injuries or violence but only a fracture at the base of the skull . The only suspect remains Andreea's boyfriend, Simone Gresti , who continues to reiterate that he did not harm Andreea and that his greatest regret is not having looked for her that morning of March 12, 2022.


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