Friends 23, Emma reproaches Petit for his jealousy: “A bit of open-mindedness”


Friends 23, Emma reproaches Petit for his jealousy: “A bit of open-mindedness”


Come on guys, a bit of modernity, please ” Emma Marrone, judge of the Sunday 3 March episode of Amici, comments on Petit's behaviour . The singer would not have liked the behavior of the student who seemed annoyed by the gesture of his girlfriend Marisol. The dancer, in fact, caressed Nicholas during the performance to the tune of Dance the Night . It was Maria De Filippi who pointed out Petit's attitude, who immediately asked for explanations on the matter.

Petit and the reaction to Marisol's choreography

To the tune of Dua Lipa's song, Marisol descends the steps for her performance. Arriving in front of the counter, Nicholas strokes his hair while dancing, a gesture that does not seem to be appreciated by Petit (the dancer's boyfriend). It is precisely him that Giovanni, as if noticing his jealousy, covers his eyes. Gaia, sitting among the benches, also turns to Petit to tell him something. The scene does not escape Maria who, once Marisol's performance is over, asks Gaia what she said to him. ” Yesterday at rehearsals he was already upset, he said he was exaggerating. I wanted to see his reaction ” explains the girl. Maria objects: ” But it's a choreography ” and Petit replies: ” I know, I'm joking, I was laughing” . A way of joking that, however, Emma Marrone would not have liked. The singer wanted to have her say on the matter.


Emma Marrone's reproach: “A bit of modernity”

I caught you being crooked and Emma also caught you ” underlines Maria de Filippi turning to Petit. At this point the singer takes the floor, taking the opportunity to scold her student. ” You've been angry throughout the episode, but I don't understand if it's because of your piece – Emma points out – You're black, I'm looking at you. Is everything alright? Come on guys, a bit of modernity. Let's hope at least for the younger generations in a bit open-minded

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