Allegri stung by a provocative question after Inter-Juve: "It's normal for journalists to play"


Allegri stung by a provocative question after Inter-Juve: "It's normal for journalists to play"

The Bianconeri, defeated by a short hand and an own goal in the Scudetto match, asked the coach the question on TV, taking inspiration from the tennis language that he himself used, comparing Inter to Djokovic and Juve to Sinner. “Is the Nerazzurri's success a match point?”, the manager's reply is full of bitterness.

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Losing from a short shot and, what's more, from an own goal. If there is a god of football, the one who sat down at San Siro on the occasion of Inter-Juventus enjoyed making Massimiliano Allegri (in the photo) pay for everything. And with the interests for the defeat with the minimum difference (1-0). In all of that there is the lashing and aggressive dialectic for the reference to the chase between “cops and robbers” and to that comparison between them that “I am Djokovic” and “we who are Sinners” , almost as if to say that the freshness of the talent can overturn every prediction. It wasn't like this at the Meazza: up front the Bianconeri never found the spark nor had enough weight to score; and those too many goals missed/missed/missed by a whisker/foiled by Szczesny certainly gave the Nerazzurri bad thoughts.

The Dazn journalist asks him a provocative question and talks about “match points”, drawing on the language of tennis which had also been aired by the Livornese: he asks him if with this victory Inzaghi's team has secured a significant part of the championship on shirt, also considering the recovery of the match against Atalanta. For now the advantage is +4, then who knows. How did Allegri respond? “I don't know if it's the match point… we have to make our own journey. We knew that Inter are strong, the first half was blocked, they found the goal, we had a similar opportunity in an open field with Vlahovic.”


Andrea Barzagli (in the photo above) touches another raw nerve: some of the “youngest” passed away in a match that made its full weight felt, from a sporting and emotional point of view and from the possibility of playing the duel on equal terms against a better placed opponent in terms of squad. Allegri first outlines and then dissects the concept very clearly. And between the lines it lets that hint of bitterness that remains in your mouth when you swallow an indigestible morsel shine through. The technician spits out (figuratively) that acrid taste.

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“They have more experience in managing important clashes – he added – while Juve hadn't played a match like this for 3 years. Nobody in June would have imagined that we would be in this position in the standings. Then for the journalists' game it's normal to say Inter against Juventus, but they are different paths. We are angry because we lost a match that we could have put back on our feet. Inter are favorites for the Scudetto. Then there is Milan, 4 points behind, but the championship is still long and they unexpected events are always around the corner.”


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