Giogiò's mother at Ariston: 'I dedicate the flowers to justice'


Giogiò's mother at Ariston: 'I dedicate the flowers to justice'

Daniela Di Maggio, mother of the musician Giovan Battista Cutolo, killed on the street in Naples after a dispute over a parking space, thrilled and moved the audience of the Ariston, Amadeus and the orchestras with her moving letter, before dedicating it “to justice” the flowers of Sanremo.

“My son, mother's love, do you remember when last year you had to play in the Sanremo symphony orchestra and I asked you to come with you? 'You have gone crazy, a little boy with his mother in tow never' you replied. You said that Sanremo seems like Naples but with a French spark, which seems like a little wedding favor, the only city you would have moved to if you had left Naples. I told you that one day you too would play on this stage. That day has come and you know why “Because – said your mother – you are beautiful inside and out, you have an aristocratic way of being in the world and you practice beauty unlike those who barbarically took you away from life. You live through the music you loved and which makes you eternal. All of it Italy is listening to the notes of the maestro Giovan Battista Cutolo. Hi Giogiò. We all love you and mammarella will never forget you, bye my love” he added while the images of his musician son scrolled.

'Giovanbattista, no one will forget you' was the phrase that appeared behind him in a moment of great emotion. Amadeus recalled the gold medal for civil valor awarded to the boy by the President of the Republic. “A tribute to a musician in the temple of music”, the mother said again, recalling that “when the institutions are close to you, the state is there”. Finally, a dedication from the woman to Naples “where there are respectable and aristocratic people like me and my son, I believe, representing this beautiful Naples”. A dedication also “to my wonderful daughter Lulù who unconsciously and violently became an only child, to the friends who without their brother could not reposition themselves in the world” and a dedication of “these flowers to justice”.

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